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VfL Wolfsburg's Führungduo Schindzielorz und Schäfer, stehen zusammen mit Frank Witter auf dem Podium bei einer Pressekonferenz.

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On 1 February, the new management duo of Marcel Schäfer and Sebastian Schindzielorz assumed their roles at VfL Wolfsburg. Schäfer replaces Jörg Schmadtke as one of the three managing directors of VfL, while Schindzielorz is the club’s new sporting director. Frank Witter, chairman of the VfL Wolfsburg supervisory board, joined them on the podium to talk about…

… sporting goals: “We’re all still mindful of how difficult the first six matchdays were. We need to settle first, but we now have a collective on the pitch. The fitness is there again and of course we’d like to play in Europe, but we’re not a Champions League contender from the outset. Therefore we’re approaching our work with humility but also with great ambition to reach our goals.”

… sporting goals: “We want to continue putting out a strong squad in all competitions. Of course, it’s also our expectation and aim to be playing in Europe.”

… his responsibility for women’s football: “The team are great fun and have really performed brilliantly in recent years under Ralf Kellermann, Dr. Tim Schumacher and current coach Tommy Stroot. I want to get a feel for this department and develop it further in terms of both personnel and infrastructure.”

… his old, new workplace: “It feels very, very good to return. I have very nice memories of the place as I had a very nice time here, both on the sporting and personal front. I’m pleased to be back here and can’t wait to get stuck in.”

… his affinity to the club: “It’s important that we are on the same wavelength and that I can identify with the path that has been taken – I can do that completely.”

… sporting goals: “The team are producing a very intensive style of play and exciting football. They’ve progressed and we want to continue working at that in the future.”

Total identification

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