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Ahmed Kutucu wants to play for Turkey and Schalke

Ahmed Kutucu

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Ahmed Kutucu

Ahmed, congratulations on making your Turkey debut. How did it feel?
It was really special for me and a key moment in my career so far. I’m so proud to have played for Turkey now.

You weren’t originally in the squad for the Euro qualifier in Andorra. How come national coach Senol Günes called you up?
I was originally part of the U21s squad, but after the senior side secured qualification to the Euros with the 0-0 draw against Iceland, he looked to give a few younger players a chance. I’m really grateful to have been the opportunity. I was told I would be part at the squad at the end of last week.

Things got even better for you as you even started the game!
I was so excited when I found out that I was in the starting eleven. We won the game 2-0.

What have you done with your shirt?
Luckily I was given two shirts. I gave my big brother one of them and the other will have a special place at home.

One shirt will have a special place at home.

Ahmed Kutucu

You weren’t the only Schalke player to make his debut against Andorra. Ozan Kabak also won his first cap.
It was a perfect day for both of us. We will always remember this game together. He’s just as happy as I am.

Did Senol Günes give you any feedback after the game?
He praised me. He liked the fact that I worked hard and fitted into the team well. Senol Günes also said that he will continue to follow my progress – I was pleased to hear that.

Are you hopeful of making the squad for EURO 2020 next summer now?
Obviously I want to be part of the squad; I’d be lying if I didn’t say that. The Euros are a long way away though. There are a number of months between then and now. I’m not going to put myself under pressure; I’m still young at the end of the day. I would gladly take the chance if it came about though.

I’m a Schalke player and I want to stay at the club.

Ahmed Kutucu

There were some rumours after the game that you would like to leave Schalke in the winter break. Supposedly you were going to move on loan somewhere.
I was astonished when I read that. I don’t know where those rumours came from – definitely not from me. I’ve not been thinking about leaving. I’m a Schalke player and I want to stay at the club. I was born in Gelsenkirchen and have grown up here. My dream was always to play for this club in the Bundesliga. We have a good team which has been successful this season. Ultimately only eleven players can start one game. I want to break into the side here. I give my all in training and I’ll remain patient.

Werder are up next this weekend. They haven’t won since matchday 4…
…we won’t let that affect us. We lost last season in Bremen and we just want to put that right this time. I believe in us. We’ve shown what we’re capable more than once away from home this season.

Ahmed Kutucu wants to play for Turkey and Schalke

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