FC to appeal FIFA ruling


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1. FC Köln will appeal the FIFA ruling in the case of the signing of U19 player, Jaka Cuber Potocnik at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The goal is also to suspend the punishment until a final decision is reached in the case.

FIFA’s verdict on the case brought forward by NK Olimpija Ljubljana over the signing of Jaka Cuber Potocnik was served to 1. FC Köln on Wednesday, 29th March 2023.

Potocnik joined 1. FC Köln’s academy in January 2022 after he opted to cancel his contract at Olimpija Ljubljana following multiple breaches of contract by the club. The Slovenian top tier side then accused the striker of illegally breaching his contract and sued both him and 1. FC Köln at FIFA for damages. Potocnik’s former club accuse FC of inciting the player to breach his contract. 1. FC Köln defended itself in a comprehensive statement and, in particular, submitted numerous pieces of evidence that refute incitement to breach the contract.

However, in its judgement on 1st February 2023, the FIFA Football Tribunal ruled that Potocnik had terminated his contract with Olimpija Ljubljana without legal grounds. In addition, FC had not been able to refute the assumption that, as the new club, it had incited the player to breach the contract.

As a result, FIFA decided as follows:

  • The player was ordered (under FC’s joint liability) to play damages to Olimpija Ljubljana of 51,750 euros.
  • The player has been banned for playing football for four months with immediate effect.
  • 1. FC Köln will be banned from registering new players (nationally or internationally) in the next two transfer windows.

1. FC Köln will appeal against this ruling at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). In addition, it has been requested that the punishment be temporarily suspended until the final verdict is reached.

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FC to appeal FIFA ruling

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