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What binds us together. Our new jersey!


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Saturday, it’s time to head off to the football. It’s all about one thing for all of us: football. No ifs or buts, it’s about watching the beautiful game at Castroper Straße. We live and celebrate football as it should be: giving it all for the colours of our team – in floodlight blue for our city and our values.

Our stadium is unique: right in the middle of Bochum. It’s not only a beautiful stadium, but it is home to our fans, to countless stories and great memories. On and in front of its stands, heroic stories and dramas take place that shape us as Bochumers and bind us together. “Anne Castroper Straße 145” is not just an address. It is impossible to imagine Bochum’s cityscape without our stadium with its striking design – it is right in the middle of it with its floodlight masts and crescent-shaped concrete stands that shine like our jersey even at night. Floodlight blue.

For the upcoming 2022/23 season, the distinctive crescent-shaped stands will also appear on the new home jersey from our supplier Mizuno – they stand not only for our stadium, but also for our values, our foundations. For everything that binds us together. Castroper street football.

The structure and colours of the away and alternate jerseys in “floodlight blue light” and “concrete” are also reflected in the architecture, shapes and lights of our stadium, thus carrying our values, sense of community and unconditional cohesion to the games away from home.

“As in previous seasons, the jerseys combine our tradition and values. We were able to expand the individual design in the design even further in cooperation with our new supplier Mizuno,” explains Christoph Wortmann, Director of Marketing & Sales and member of the Executive Board.

“A key design element on the home jerseys is the stadium’s floodlight stands, which stand for what holds us together. Football as it should be – simply Castroper street football without the fuss!”

The jerseys in “floodlight blue dark and light” are available now in the fan stores Stadioncenter, Ruhr Park and Drehscheibe as well as in the VfL online store.

The new jerseys are available in the following sizes: For children: 116-164. For adults: S-XXXL. In addition, this year VfL again offers a special cut for women in sizes XS-XL. The price has not increased compared to the previous season, the children’s jerseys cost 54.95 euros, jerseys for adults are available for 79.95 euros. Note on sustainability: All jerseys are made of recycled polyester (from recycled PET bottles).

What binds us together. Our new jersey!

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