#VfLinBruneck: Maintaining good relations


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The second day in South Tyrol is over. Quite a day. The players have maintained their good relationship with the fans, on the pitch, with our fans and friends here in South Tyrol. We have summarised everything important as usual in our daily report, read it again, friends:

Seeing fans

This year, the team includes not only the professionals, the coaching team and the staff, but also our fans. We are very pleased that this summer we will be accompanied by many more fans to South Tyrol. More fans will join us in the coming days. Enough reason already to put together a colourful program. Our fan representatives Dirk “Moppel” Michalowski, Jonas Devantie and Marcel Möller are responsible for this. The three presented the individual activities – such as rafting or a hiking tour – in a joint welcoming session at the training ground, which was also attended by Hans-Peter Villis and Ilja Kaenzig, who thanked the fans for their support here on site. Sebastian Schindzielorz had to miss out at short notice. But not because, as has been reported, he has already left the training camp. He is still in South Tyrol but, unsurprisingly at this stage, has a lot to do.

Media appointments during the lunch break

Our professionals also have a lot to deal with, and not just on the training pitch. Between sessions, they also have to keep the press, content and journalists happy. Three journalists plus a photographer are currently on site in Gais, with more to follow in the course of the week.

Patti vs. Stögi

If the media representatives are appeased, then also the own media are annoying. This time Patrick Osterhage and Kevin Stöger were the sufferers. It went into the quiz duel: Patti vs. Stögi. Questions about the surroundings here around Gais and the Windschar Holiday and Wellness Hotel, about VfL in general and about the two gentlemen personally. It was a clear affair in the end. But see for yourself, here’s the video!

Training x2

Two sessions on this Monday. Two different sessions. In the morning various game forms, even then already at warm temperatures here in Gais. In the afternoon the temperatures climbed even higher. And it also went further to the point. Power circuit and shuttle run, here we really work hard! Pumping, what the stuff holds! Everything for the big goal class preservation.

Presser in Bruneck

It was a contrasting program in the evening. Also this year there was a press conference at the beginning of the training camp. This time in the middle of Bruneck. Martin Huber, president of the tourism association, first welcomed Thomas Reis, Anthony Losilla, Manuel Riemann and press spokesman Jens Fricke. Then it went into the conversation. A review of the successful Bundesliga season, which had started more or less here in Bruneck with the summer training camp. Various highlights such as Manu’s missed penalty, Toto’s Bundesliga debut at the tender age of 36. After the media representatives had thrown their questions around, it was the fans’ turn. The two professionals and the coach took ample time to fulfill all photo and autograph requests. Great thing, close to the fans who had come along. That’s how it is at VfL. It’s easy to maintain contacts.

Review of the day number 2

A lot going on, as you could read. You want to see it all again on video? Head over to our twitter account @VfLBochum1848EN

#VfLinBruneck: Maintaining good relations

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