#VfLinBruneck: On the road


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A lot of activity continued in South Tyrol. Four professionals were on the road this Tuesday, and plenty more happened out on the training pitch.


An intense session took place in the morning, it gets warmer every day here in South Tyrol. A little bit of variety is good for you. For Vasileios Lampropoulos and Philipp Förster, they went over to Uttenheim, just a few kilometers away. This year, the VfL FOOTBALL SCHOOL will be hosted there, for the first time here in the Kronplatz vacation region. Coaches Dariusz Wosz, Benjamin Adamik and Nils Nowotsch can welcome more than 40 children to the summer camp over a total of five days. Both from the home Ruhr area and from the region. In picturesque surroundings, which we know from Gais, they trained well. On this Tuesday, however, with a somewhat longer lunch break, because Lampro and Philipp stopped by at the ASV Uttenheim facility, answered all the children’s questions and were of course available for group photos and autographs. Everyone involved had a lot of fun!

Zolli and Gambo in Bruneck

At the same time, Simon Zoller and Cristian Gamboa also went on a trip. Namely to the town centre of Bruneck. There, an appointment with the tourism association here from the region was on the agenda. A little stroll through the city centre, eat ice cream, up to the castle, enjoy the view. After all, you have to relax sometimes in between. We have captured a few pictures of it. You can see them in our video review of Day 3 of #VfLinBruneck.

New staff

We’ve already announced it, more and more blue and white are arriving here. This applies on the one hand to the fans – who, by the way, set off in the morning for the rafting tour organised by the fan support – but also to the sponsors. Today some of them already arrived in Gais, towards the weekend more members of the VfL partner family will follow. Also under the press pavilion at the training ground it becomes more crowded. Good demand for our summer training camp, that makes us happy! By the way, Sebastian Schindzielorz is also here. We just want to mention it again…

Run, run, run

Of course, Sesi also saw the boys’ sessions. And there was sharp shooting just in the afternoon. Three groups, which took our keeper Manuel Riemann, Bruno Esser and Paul Grave under continuous fire. If one group scored, the other two had to run. There is the sportsman spirit awakened, the goal nets fidgeted properly. A good round, followed by a refreshing dip in the small lake next door.

Live on TikTok

After this it was time for rest for our pros, bar Simon Zoller, who actually had to play again on this packed day. On our official TikTok channel, which has finally been available for two weeks now, Zolli went into a live Q&A session. And again, extremely mobile. 8:15 p.m. start, ten minutes later our number 9 switched to walking, because at half past midnight there was still a video analysis on the agenda. So just answered the last questions while walking. Simply a pro. So if you don’t want to miss the next Q&A with one of our players, you’d better quickly follow VfL on TikTok. Go here.


#VfLinBruneck: On the road

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