Interviews: “It’s indescribable!”


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Thomas Reis: “There’s no need for me to comment today. What the team did was some of our finest work. We put everything on the line and showed a lot of energy. To lead 2-0 here, come back like that at the end and score four goals is insane. We achieved this miracle under our own steam, and I’m very proud of that. I feel pure pride. I think the team has made the whole of Bochum proud. As far as celebrating, the team can do what they want. They’ve earned this.”

Anthony Losilla: “It’s indescribable, madness. We wanted to celebrate staying in the division together with our fans, and we managed to do that. Our fans have supported us all season, always stood us, today we could give them something back. We gave them a fantastic game, delivered a terrific season. I am at a loss for words. Both against Bayern and Dortmund, we brought in fantastic results. It’s hard to come to terms with.”

Milos Pantovic: “It’s unbelievable. At the beginning of the season, I don’t think many or even anyone thought we could do this. Respect to the guys for what we pulled off. To clinch the league title in Dortmund in front of more than 80,000 spectators is simply unbelievable. We have come out of many setbacks this season stronger and stronger. So far there’s only been one beer, but there will definitely be a few more. When did the coach schedule practice? Tuesday? I don’t know if we can make that.”

Sebastian Polter: “I’ve drunk two Radler, there was nothing else left, but that won’t be the last for today. We had negative experiences at the beginning of the season, which made us all the stronger together. You can always gain something positive from something negative in life. That’s how we became a unit. That’s the key to success. Our goal as a team was to show this energy throughout the rest of the season. Reisi is a very communicative coach who talks to us a lot. We always have an honest exchange with him. Every single fan was incredible, I thank each and every one for the support.”

Gerrit Holtmann: We won the derby at Dortmund, which is great. The game had everything a football fan could wish for, especially from VfL’s side. We showed incredible character after falling behind. After the last two games, which didn’t go so well, it’s even nicer to come back like that. That’s the spirit of our squad. Dortmund have brutal qualities, but we made history again today. Already against Bayern we wrote history, today again.”

Manuel Riemann: “I can’t describe it in words. It just feels unbelievable. Today there is no end to it. We had the game well under control from the first minute. Of course, you can’t defend every Dortmund chance, but we did it strongly. The difference to the first half is that setbacks like the two goals we conceded to make it 2-2 no longer knock us down. I’m just incredibly proud to be part of this squad.”

Interviews: “It’s indescribable!”

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