Interviews: “A dream”


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Thomas Reis (head coach VfL Bochum 1848): “We are very, very happy to have the three points against Bayern. Probably not many had that on their radar beforehand. We wanted to defend actively and said before that Bayern can have one or two games in the season where not everything goes right. That was the kind of day we had today. The team didn’t let itself get rattled by the early goal conceded. That shows the very good development we have taken. Of course, the types of goals we scored helped us take the fun out of football for Bayern. We knew that they were always capable of turning a game like that around. But we defended well and are very, very happy to have collected three more points towards our goal.

Julian Nagelsmann (head coach Bayern Munich): Congratulations to Thomas and his team. Bochum played well and deserved the victory. In the first half, we played very, very poorly. Our plan didn’t work. We should have reacted faster, I don’t take myself out of that. I should have changed earlier. The two Bochum dream goals don’t go in every week, that was extraordinary. We played better in the second half. If we had scored earlier, it would have been exciting again. In the end, however, the victory for Bochum is fully deserved, even at that level.

Anthony Losilla: Today is difficult to realize. Of course, we did not expect to get three points against Bayern. It was simply a fantastic afternoon for us. We did everything we could to make life difficult for Bayern. The first half was simply wonderful. Despite being 1-0 down, we scored four goals after that. Everything just worked out.

Christopher Antwi-Adjei: It was amazing what happened here today! Especially in the first half. I’m sure not many people expected us to get three points against Bayern and score so many goals. We can be extremely proud of ourselves for tackling the game with so much courage and aggression today. We were rewarded for that. Hats off to our team’s performance.

Armel Bella Kotchap: The team performance was wonderful. We fought until the end. The atmosphere here is also just incredible. Their early goal was bitter, of course, but we didn’t bury our heads in the sand. We wanted to continue with our plan and then gradually got into the game better. We made the most of our chances to score, and that’s how we came out on top.

Cristian Gamboa: It was simply a dream. My goal was also a dream for me. The first half was incredible. We played very well, and against the best team in the world in my opinion. We got three points against Bayern, insane. At home, with our fans behind us, we are simply very strong.

Gerrit Holtmann: Before the game, it was said that the invincibles were coming and that we would hardly have any chances. We proved the complete opposite. I’m particularly proud of the team that we beat Bayern. When you see what kind of goals we score in training, it’s just nice that it works out that way in the game, too.


Interviews: “A dream”

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