PHW Group moving from main sponsor to top partner

A Werder shirt with shirt sponsor Green Legend being held up

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“Over the last eleven years, our partnership with the PHW Group has been shaped by a great deal of reliability and a trust-filled cooperation,” said Klaus Filbry, CEO of SV Werder Bremen GmbH & Co KG aA. “The extensive commitment of our partner was a very important support during difficult times from an economic and sporting perspective. For this, we have to wish their board many thanks. We are pleased to have the PHW Group by our side as a top partner in the future and to continue our work together.”

Peter Wesjohann, chairman of the PHW Group emphasised: “We thank SV Werder Bremen for their trust and our good working relationship. It means a lot to us to have stayed loyal to the club even in a very difficult period economically with the pandemic and the relegation. We have advertised our poultry brand WIESENHOF on the shirt for ten years and this current season used this commitment to advertise our new vegan brand GREEN LEGEND. With this, we view our communications aims as completed. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to completely separate, but to reduce our engagement safe in the knowledge that things will continue with Werder on good terms.”

Marco Sautner, managing director at Infront Germany continued: “The years long cooperation of Werder Bremen with the PHW Group is an exemplary case. The reach that the PHW Group have achieved through their cooperation with a club like Werder, has been brilliantly used to achieve their set goals. We are very pleased that the PHW Group will stay connected to the club in the future and this extraordinary partnership will be continued.”

For SV Werder Bremen, attention now turns to finding a new main and shirt sponsor heading into the 2023/24 season. “We have found ourselves in good talks with potential candidates from some time and are very optimistic that we will be able to announce a conclusion shortly that will put us in a good position in terms of main and shirt sponsor for the next few years,” CEO Klaus Filbry made clear.

PHW Group moving from main sponsor to top partner

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