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 RB Leipzig is taking responsibility! After the announcement of the sustainability strategy “PLAY.CARE.SHARE.” over a year ago, the club has released an interim evaluation in the form of a sustainability report for 2022. The 112 page report gives an insight into the approach and the ambitious goals, an overview of the various measures and activities as well as an outlook on the plans for 2023.

Clear timetable – initial successes

Nine essential sustainability topics were already identified in 2021 in ecological, economic and social areas. The RBL sustainability report now provides consolidated and transparent information on these topics. An ecological aim of the club, for example, is to significantly reduce its carbon footprint by 2040.

Initial measures in fan mobility, which is the leading cause of CO2 emissions at 47.6%, have already been introduced with bicycle garages at the Red Bull Arena and the free public transport ticket, and will be further expanded in the future. Energy consumption was also reduced by around 20% at the end of 2022, and a complete switch to green energy was made in the middle of last year.

In the area of employee mobility, the share of electric and hybrid vehicles in the entire fleet of cars was increased to 35% by the end of 2022, and in the area of materials and waste disposal, the replacement of seats in the Red Bull Arena during the course of renovation is a prime example of a sustainable approach.

The topic of sustainability has not only been focused on in the stadium however, and the new office, which will be built at the training centre by the end of 2025, has also been planned according to the latest information on energy consumption and efficiency.

New system for waste separation in the Augsburg game

Waste separation at the Red Bull Arena is currently on the agenda for RB Leipzig. The aim is to achieve a “Zero Waste” certification by the start of UEFA EURO 2024 by avoiding waste as much as possible and significantly increase the rate of recycling. 

In addition to the changes already made in the waste management at the Red Bull Arena, waste containers in the public area will now be repositioned and colour coded. This means that in future it will be possible to separate waste into plastic, paper and residual waste. The new concept will be implemented for the first time at the upcoming home match against Augsburg (Saturday, 15:30 CEST) and all fans will be made aware through various campaigns in the Red Bull Arena.

Achieving more together

Leipzig has also set itself ambitious goals in the economic and social areas and committed itself to fundamental principles. In addition to social engagement and fan participation, these include sustainable management, strengthening of partnerships and a code of integrity. 

For example, cooperation with NGOs will be strengthened, educational and football opportunities for children and young people will be promoted and the development of employees in a modern working environment will be further advanced.

Evelyn Holderbach, Director Sustainability & International Development

  • “We can only achieve long-term and sustainable success by transparently taking everyone involved with us on our journey. The sustainability report is therefore only a first, but also an important step. With our sustainability strategy PLAY.CARE.SHARE, we laid the foundations for the structure of management and the proactive release of this report, on which we will continue to build this year. Together we have a lot of plans!”

Johann Plenge, Managing Director (CSO) RB Leipzig

  • “Social, ecological and economic responsibility and a sustainable direction for the club are fundamental for us, also in order to be successful in the long term. The topic of sustainability is an important process of change that we are developing in many areas. This is also why it is an important part of club strategy and present in all business areas. With our first sustainability report, we are now setting standards against which we want to be measured.”

Here, you can find RB Leipzig’s first sustainability report (in German). An extensive interview on the report with Evelyn Holderbach, Director Sustainability and International Development can be found here.

“We want to be in the Champions League when it comes to sustainability as well”

RBL’s Sustainability Report 2023: Interview with Evelyn Holderbach

RB Leipzig publish first sustainability report

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