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A visit of hope


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It’s a glimmer of hope, a show of solidarity – and a demonstration of resilience. It’s proof of the immense strength  of those 80 girls and boys who hail from Lviv to Luhansk, and from Kiev to Odessa, but also of the entire Ukrainian people. The visit by the “School of Resilience”, a project of the Klitschko Foundation, to Heidelberg between 10 and 19 February sends a strong signal of togetherness. “The purpose of the trip was and is to offer new perspectives to the young people so that they can find new objectives for their future,” said Klitschko Foundation Director Angelina Osadcha. “They’re in a safe environment here, without sirens and bombs, without fear for their lives and safety.”

Instead, the children are experiencing an interesting, educational and simultaneously exciting week brimming with highlights in the Kraichgau and Kurpfalz regions. It began with a unique experience: a visit to a Bundesliga football match. Thanks to the mediation of Heidelberg publisher Winni Rothermel, a friend of both Dietmar Hopp and Wladimir Klitschko, and at TSG Hoffenheim’s invitation, the delegation of 80 young people and almost 20 teachers attended TSG’s match against Bayer 04 Leverkusen at the PreZero Arena, where they (unfortunately) witnessed a 3-1 defeat. With stadium caterer Levy Restaurants covering the costs, the visitors from Ukraine were provided with food and drink. A nice gesture. Their visit to the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion on Sunday was more successful. The Eastern European visitors were there to see the Women’s Bundesliga match between TSG Hoffenheim and 1. FC Cologne (4-0 win). “It goes without saying that we support this great campaign,” said TSG Managing Director Denni Strich, who personally welcomed the delegation on the day of the match.

The entire trip was made possible by the SAP Solidarity Fund e.V. The organisation was founded in 2001 in response to the 11 September attacks. It is funded by donations from employees. This was one of 10 projects implemented to assist the people of Ukraine.

A visit of hope

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