Wolf: “You don’t get used to something like that”


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Wolf: “You don’t get used to something like that”

Hannes Wolf speaks in interview about the 3-2 win against Bayern Munich, the reasons behind this success and his two most recent starts.

Hannes, yesterday you beat Bayern once again. Had you already realised that you could do it again?

Wolf: You don’t get used to something like that (grins). Winning against Bayern is always something special. But, we have a good record against them in the recent past because we always see our chance in this game. We are very happy that we managed to do it again this time.

Bayern defender Dayot Upamecano received an early record card for his foul on Alassane Plea. How did you perceive this event from on the pitch?

Wolf: It is a difficult situation but I think that it was a deserved red card. Lasso was at full speed, where it is possible to be brough down by the smallest contact, and he was definitely grabbed by the shoulder slightly. If Upamecano had not done that, Lasso would’ve been clean through and probably scored to make it 1-0. As a result, the referee’s decision was the right one.

 How do you carry on in a game with a man advantage when there is so long left to play?

Wolf: The game changed through that, but it didn’t definitely become easier. Our own expectations and also those of the fans increased. We played very well with a man advantage. Bayern still managed to equaliser, but really we had control of the game and so we deservedly won the game at the end of the day.

What specifically did you do so well yesterday?

Wolf: It was important to take the lead quickly after the sending off. We managed to do it. After that, it was a bit crazy at times because both sides gave the ball away a bit. In the second half, we played better in possession and scored at the right times. Defensively, we hardly let anything happen until in additional time.

With goals two and three, you were lurking at the back post and potentially could have scored. How important is it that you were positioned there even if you didn’t score yourself?

Wolf: It’s always important as an attacker that you find yourself in the box on your own attacks. A ball like that can always slide through to the back post. Obviously I would have been pleased if I had scored yesterday, but in a game like this is it really not important how scores the goals. The main thing it to score them at all.

This season has not been easy for you personally. Now you have started two games in a row. How difficult is it to then get into it immediately?

Wolf: If you start a number of games in a row, you have more of a rhythm and more self-confidence. You can train as much as you like, playing is always something different. However, I tried to give everything in the last two games. I definitely could have done better in a situation here or there. Fundamentally, I am happy that I got the chance to show what I can do and to have been able to play my part in us picking up three points yesterday.

It’s Mainz this Friday evening coming. Will you manage to win twice in a row for the first time this season there?

Wolf: Even if I am still knackered after such an intensive game against Bayern, I am already really looking forward to the game in Mainz. We have to go into the game with the same energy as we showed against Bayern – we will definitely also talk about this in the coming week. When we play at our limit, we have the quality to also win in Mainz. We will do everything to do that and at the end hopefully we will have got our second win in a row.

Hannes Wolf celebrates the goal to put BMG 2-1 up with Jonas Hofmann.
Hannes Wolf: “We have to go into the game with the same energy in Mainz.”

Wolf: “You don’t get used to something like that”

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