Ngoumou: “It rarely happens to me”


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Ngoumou: “It rarely happens to me”

Nathan Ngoumou gave Borussia Mönchengladbach the lead in their 2-0 victory over VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday. In an interview, the Frenchman discusses his thoughts on starting the game as well as scoring his first goal for the club.

Nathan, you were named in the starting XI for the first time since the end of January for the win over Woflsburg and scored the first Bundesliga goal of your career. How does it feel?

Ngoumou: I’m very pleased to have finally scored my first goal for the club. It’s a really good feeling. Another positive is that we kept a clean sheet. Is there anything more beautiful than celebrating all that together with the fans at full time? I’m really happy.

You scored your goal with your left foot. That’s a little unusual for you…

Ngoumou: You’re right. It’s a bit weird that I scored by first goal with my left, because that hardly ever happens to me. (laughs) I have a good right foot but that was a good shot with my left. I didn’t really think too much about it and just took the opportunity as it came up, and luckily the ball ended up in the net.

When did you find out that you were going to start the game and what objectives did you have for the game?

Ngoumou: The coach told me the day before the game. Then I prepared myself to be able to give my all when I was out on the pitch. I’m pleased with my personal performance. I’m hoping to carry on like that and I’ll carry on giving my all in training to be able to play again in the upcoming weeks.

Over the past few weeks, you had only made short appearances. How did you find that?

Ngoumou: I always kept my focus and waited for my chance. The coaching staff always supported me and told me that I’d get my playing time again. Therefore, I continued working hard in training in order to be ready when my chance came. That’s what allowed me to have a good performance against Wolfsburg.

Nathan Ngoumou scores his first Bundesliga goal for Borussia.

Ngoumou: “It rarely happens to me”

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