#BVBBMG match reaction


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#BVBBMG match reaction

We gathered the thoughts of the players and coaches after Borussia’s 5-2 loss in Dortmund on Saturday evening.

Jonas Hofmann: I don’t think I need to explain how difficult it is when you go 4-0 down inside 30 minutes in Dortmund. We gave the ball away too easily too many times, we were too passive in the challenges, and we invited BVB to score goals – all things we were looking to avoid. We didn’t use our possession well and made the wrong decision too often. We got two goals towards the end, but we still didn’t have a grip on the game.

Julian Weigl: We’re very unhappy with our first-half performance. We were poor in every department and had real problems off the ball in particular. We lost possession in dangerous areas and Dortmund took advantage clinically. We couldn’t make use of the space that Dortmund afforded us. We just didn’t create enough. We reorganised at the break, but we knew that it would be tough. We wanted to show character in the second half and try to find a way back into the game, then maybe we could think about getting a result. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Christoph Kramer: We lost the ball too easily in the first half and were very open at the back, then you end up 4-0 down after half an hour. We came out much better in the second half, although Dortmund were sat a little deeper. We scored twice, but Luca Netz and Lars Stindl both had another chance to score as well. I’m not saying that we were on the brink of a sensational comeback, but I would have liked to see what would have happened if we had got a third goal. You can understand the fans’ frustration – we brought it on ourselves as a team.

Daniel Farke: We’re very disappointed with the result and will take that feeling home. We deserved to lose by the amount we did because of our first-half performance. We didn’t implement our game plan at all. We lacked discipline both on and off the ball and didn’t stay organised at the back during our attacks, which made Dortmund look incredibly dangerous on the counter. We were sluggish in the challenges today. Our second half was decent, but when you put in a performance like that, you’re a long way off picking up points in Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund head coach Edin Terzic: We’re happy with the result and the first 30 minutes in particular – our game plan really came to fruition then. We created a lot of chances and scored our goals. The lads really supported each other. We were still critical at the break because we wanted to see the game out with control, and that didn’t go as planned. All in all though, we played some great football and got another home win under our belts.

#BVBBMG match reaction

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