Last season showed just how much football acts as a reflection of our society, and how strong a role the football community has to play in social, economic and environmental progress. BVB sent out special signals in this regard through the Black & Yellows’ charity match against Dynamo Kyiv, which raised vast sums of donations, not to mention the trip to Israel by a twenty-member delegation at the invitation of the Yad Vashem memorial and meeting place.

Borussia Dortmund consider the DFL Licensing Regulations, which were adopted in May 2022 and in which sustainability was firmly anchored as an essential component, as not just an obligation, but also a great opportunity. 

“We are intrinsically motivated to adapt to the constantly changing demands on us and our environment. BVB and the world of football in general have immense opportunities and huge power to shine a light on these issues. This is precisely why we want to be a driver for change and also emphatically contribute to the success of a sustainable transformation,” says managing director Carsten Cramer.

To find out more about the progress Borussia Dortmund have made in 2021/22 and what more needs to be done in order to meet our commitments, please follow this link.