The crowning finish at home!


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What a season! VfL won their final home game against Arminia Bielefeld with a 2-1 win. 42 points on the account, madness! Sebastian Polter put his side ahead with his 10th goal of the season, Arminia equalised out of nowhere. Shortly before the end, Simon Zoller combined with Bielefeld’s Bello to decide the game!

33rd Bundesliga matchday, VfL Bochum 1848 hosted Arminia Bielefeld in the last home match of the 2021/22 season. After the spectacular 3-4 derby victory at Borussia Dortmund, the guys from anne Castroper have cemented their Bundesliga status, the much-titled “miracle” has been accomplished. Nevertheless, the blue and whites wanted to say goodbye to the fans in their last home game. Eleven professionals whose contracts expire in the summer were thanked before kickoff for their past service in VfL colours. We may see one or two of them here again. 25,000 spectators were present, a sold-out Vonovia Ruhrstadion. Compared to the 3-4 win in Dortmund, head coach Thomas Reis made only one change. Danilo Soares replaced Herbert Bockhorn in the starting lineup.

Here’s how the game went:

1′ The ball is rolling. Let’s go, lads! 

1′ 56 seconds played, Asano takes the first corner.

2′ Dangerous! Polter places a header on goal, but Bielefeld keeper Ortega is able to clear for a corner.

2′ The next corner lands with Asano, who fails to hit the ball correctly. Far over the goal.

3′ Next big chance! Holtmann runs free at the far post and is served with a soft cross to the head. But our winger does not get enough pressure behind it, goes over.

6′ First action of the guests, initiated by Riemann. Our snapper means well and runs a long ball, but then passes to Wimmer. But he doesn’t dare shoot from 40 metres.

7′ Okugawa is played free by a pass and shoots, no danger for Riemann.

8′ Holtmann from a central position, about 20 metres from goal. He shoots with his “weaker” right, too unplaced.

12′ Beautiful attack by VfL, over three stations. Gamboa, Asano and in the back lurks Pantović, who hits the ball almost perfectly. But Ortega still gets his hand to it, corner.

15′ The next outstanding attack from Bochum! Leitsch moves out of the back four and makes a full sprint down the left side. His cross also lands perfectly with Pantović, but again the strong Ortega is on the spot.

16′ Asano with the follow-up shot after a free kick, not really hit.

17′ On the opposite side, Arminia combines almost into the sixteenth, before Castro takes off, and misses.

21′ TOOOR for VfL!!! Polter scores to make it 1:0! A picture-perfect attack. Holtmann uses his pace and runs over several Bielefeld players, then the pass goes out to Pantović. The Serbian crosses perfectly to the far post, where Polter is on the spot and heads in. Tenth goal of the season for our number 40!

24′ Asano sprints across half the pitch with the ball on his foot and takes a corner.

30′ A short summary after half an hour. The lead is completely in order. VfL shows from the start that it wants to win the last home game of this season. Nothing at all to be felt of a drop in tension or the like.

32′ Bielefeld tries it from distance. A harmless shot from Okugawa.

34′ Pantović takes a free kick. He looks for Polter, but the ball is too long.

35′ There is the equaliser, Bielefeld scores the 1:1. Nilsson is too free after a resting ball and heads in.

40′ VfL picks up where they left off. Asano misses the ball by a hair in the sixteenth.

43′ Wimmer takes a shot from 20 metres. Satt hit, but too central to pose Riemann serious problems.

Half-time: All square at the break. Somewhat flattering from the guests’ point of view. Even before Polter’s opening goal, we had several great chances, but Bielefeld’s keeper Ortega is in outstanding form. The equaliser by Nilsson then came after a set piece, a bit out of nowhere. Everything is open for the second half.

46′ The ball is rolling again. The guests make one substitution. Ex-Bochum player Serra comes on for Krüger.

47′ Serra’s first direct action. But his cross finds no taker.

53′ A bit of calm returns to the game. VfL has more possession, but without being dangerous.

55′ The first good Bochum chance in the second half! Gamboa sends a great pass to Polter. Our goal scorer takes off quickly, Ortega parries.

57′ Asano lets his opponent go and crosses. Holtmann just misses at the far post.

58′ Impressive run from Pantović. In the beginning similar to Holtmann’s goal of the year. Just before the finish, however, the Serb is decisively disrupted.

64′ Free kick from just under 30 metres. Masović takes a heart and takes over, lands in the wall.

67′ First change for VfL. Locadia is now in place of Polter. Bielefeld also makes a change. Vasiliadis replaces Castro.

69′ Holtmann finishes from the second row. Good, but not placed enough.

72′ Tesche and Zoller come in. Rexhbecaj and Holtmann go out. Head coach Thomas Reis had promised Tesche this use in advance, so deserved!

74′ VfL fans chant, “Without Tesche, we wouldn’t be here at all!” Goosebumps. An allusion to the fact that the veteran played a big part in Bochum’s promotion to the Bundesliga.

80′ Not much happens before the two goals. It looks like it will remain at 1:1.

83′ That was dangerous. Substitute Ince just misses the Arminia lead.

83′ Thomas Reis makes full use of his substitution quota. Löwen and Blum come on for Pantović and Asano.

86′ Good chance for VfL. First Locadia passes to Löwen, is blocked. Then Zoller crosses to Blum, just over the goal.

89′ Next good opportunity. Gamboa gives Locadia a nice pass, but Ortega gets the ball.

90′ TOOOR for VfL!!! Zoller is released by Blum with an outstanding cross, shoots at Ortega, and then Bielefeld’s Bello is unfortunate enough to catch the ball on his leg. Goal is goal, we lead!

90′ The Vonovia Ruhrstadion is shaking! Madness!

90′ Four minutes added on!

90’+3 We play for the next goal. Bielefeld doesn’t get in front of the box anymore.

Full-time: That’s it! Home victory! This team, these fans – terrific! Next week, the Blue and Whites travel abroad for the last time this season. They travel to 1. FC Union Berlin (Saturday, May 14, 3:30pm (CET)).


The crowning finish at home!

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