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Interviews: “A very nice feeling”


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Thomas Reis (Head Coach VfL Bochum 1848): In the run-up to the game, some people wondered whether the team would let itself down after having managed to keep its place in the league. But the guys gave it everything, huge compliments to my team. We were very alert from the start, defended actively and created a few scoring chances. In the first 35 minutes, we were in complete control of the game, but when we conceded a goal, we defended carelessly. In the second half, we didn’t offer any more impressive eye-catching football, there was a lack of chances on both sides. I can sympathise with Marco. Of course, it’s very, very bitter when you’re in the bottom and then you concede a goal like that in the end. I saw a Bielefeld team that tried everything and fought back against defeat.

Marco Kostmann (Head Coach Arminia Bielefeld): Congratulations again to VfL for staying in the league. We started the game really badly, with two unfortunate misplaced passes. Our insecurity was immediately apparent. It took us a long time to get back on our feet. Things got a little better shortly before and shortly after halftime, but we lacked the penetrating power to make a success of a Bundesliga match. Now the disappointment prevails for the time being.

Sebastian Polter: I always really like winning. When you hear the fans singing like that in the last home game, it’s sensational. We’ve all earned it. Every single player, staff member, the coaching team and the fans. The community was very, very big this season. That’s why we’ve earned this very much. If you dreamed of something as a little kid, this is it. It’s sensational to play football in a stadium where so many fans love and live the club. Germany in general loves football very, very much. That’s exactly what you see today and that’s exactly what the fans deserve today.

Robert Tesche: It’s a very nice feeling, of course. We got into the game really well, we were aggressive straight away and had some good chances. The lead was logical, the goal we conceded after a set piece was bitter. The fact that we scored the winning goal at the end is sensational, of course. I’m touched. It’s incredible how the fans support us. The season was just great. We won a lot of games with confidence and the fans carried us.


Interviews: “A very nice feeling”
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