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Matchday action: “!NEVER AGAIN”


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January 27th 2022 marks the 77th anniversary of the day on which the survivors of Auschwitz were liberated. With the “Day of Remembrance in German Football,” the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) and Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga clubs commemorate the victims of National Socialism on the 20th and 21st match days. In 2004, the day of remembrance was created by the “!Never Again” initiative to bring to life the message of the survivors of the former Dachau concentration camp.

This year, special remembrance is to be given to those people who were persecuted and murdered by the National Socialists because of their physical, mental, or psychological disabilities. For the National Socialists, they belonged to so-called ‘worthless lives’ (unwerten Leben). Many tens of thousands were murdered, including more than 10,000 children – also in Bochum. This is commemorated in Bochum by several Stolpersteine by the artist Gunter Demnig.

After the Federal Lebenshilfe Association was founded at the end of the 1950s, our current VfL cooperation partner, Lebenshilfe Bochum, joined in 1962 – also with the aim of supporting and promoting people with mental disabilities. Even though much has changed in the 60 years since Lebenshilfe Bochum was founded, one thing remains the same to this day: the commitment to the well-being of people with assistance needs and the promotion of inclusion. As a result, Lebenshilfe Bochum offers a home to around 180 people with disabilities in various forms of housing. Families of disabled relatives are relieved, and children and young people are offered leisure, group, and vacation activities.

For some time now, VfL has been supporting Lebenshilfe Bochum as a regular partner through joint activities as part of the GLÜCK AUF! campaign. These include visits to the Lebenshilfe Bochum fan club by VfL legends, players or the management, the annual VfL wish tree campaign and the participation of children in activities offered by the VfL FOOTBALL SCHOOL.

At this point, we explicitly refer to the VfL mission statement. Racism, discrimination, and exclusion have no place at VfL Bochum 1848. As a BOCHUM COMMUNITY, we stand for equality, solidarity, tolerance, and fair play. We actively implement this in projects, cooperations and internal measures.


Matchday action: “!NEVER AGAIN”

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