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Interviews: “Had a good feeling”


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Thomas Reis (head coach VfL Bochum 1848): First of all, many thanks to Stefan for the congratulations. We didn’t get into the game so well at the beginning. That’s fair enough, if you had two brutal negative experiences in the week. But the team was willing to play football from the beginning. Certainly, we didn’t play our best game. But anyone who’s seen the games since I’ve been a coach and got to play against a team coached by Stefan, those were always very close games. Today you saw that small things decided the game. We just score two standard goals. I can only pay my team a big compliment. They tried to step on the gas, defend everything and attack together. And while I’m on the subject of compliments, I’d also definitely like to praise the spectators, who urged us forward. The fans also had a super feeling today when the team needed support. It was an incredibly important game. I’m really proud that we’ve gained 32 points.

Stefan Leitl (head coach SpVgg Greuther Fürth): Thomas, congratulations to you and your team for this victory. We are already very disappointed. Of course, on the one hand because of the defeat, on the other hand because we could not call up the performance from the past weeks. The game was started very passively from our side, in the first half we had a poor duel rate.  Tactically, we did not have to change much. The question was, do we take more risks at the beginning of the second half or do we stay in our order. We were very fortunate to equalize. But in my opinion, Bochum scored a very easy goal, which you shouldn’t get like that. After the 1:2 we had little to counter and are overall very disappointed by this outcome.

Anthony Losilla: We absolutely wanted to win today. There were two frustrating games against Leipzig and Freiburg, we’re happy that we’ve turned it around for us today. Fürth are a good team. They have shown in recent weeks that they have their qualities. They have clearly improved in the second half of the season. I seem to like scoring against Fürth, but the important thing is that it was enough to win today. But I’m also really happy for Maxim. He’s a very important player for us.

Maxim Leitsch: Of course, we had a few minutes more in our bones than Fürth because of the cup game. Nevertheless, we were fresh. It may not have been an outstanding game for us, but we gave it our all. We didn’t lose our cool after they equlised and played with courage. The atmosphere was mega. We are very happy that more fans could be there again. I was very well received, both by the team and the fans.


Interviews: “Had a good feeling”

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