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2nd friendly: Draw in Monheim


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VfL did not get beyond a draw in its second test of the summer preparation. Against a sacrificially fighting 1st FC Monheim, the Reis eleven had to settle for a 1-1 draw. “Birthday boy” Silvère Ganvoula scored the goal for the blue and whites.

After the successful 2-0 win at Wuppertaler SV, VfL Bochum 1848 played its second test match in preparation for the 2022/23 season. The match was played against 1. FC Monheim, a team from the Lower Rhineland Premier League, a good 70 kilometers away from the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. Head coach Thomas Reis was able to call on a total of 20 players. Manuel Riemann and Danilo Soares were absent due to injury, while Takuma Asano and new signing Jacek Góralski will join the team in the next few days.

Here’s how the game went:

1′ The ball is rolling. Let’s go, blue and white!

1′ Premiere for Gamboa! Our experienced right-back leads the VfL onto the field for the first time as captain from the start. He already wore the captain’s armband in half two in Wuppertal. Toto is on the bench for now.

3′ First corner for VfL. U19-player Böll gets the ball in the back, but misses the shot.

8′ Mainly long balls so far, don’t find a taker yet.

9′ Bonga runs free well, but the interface pass from Römling does not arrive.

11′ Bochum has more possession, that’s no surprise. However, a first scoring chance has not yet been created.

12′ First strong attack from the Oberliga team. Gamboa saves a sharp cross with his head.

13′ Monheim takes the lead. Wybierek is through on the right side, Kussunga slides in free-standing.

15′ Outstanding ball from Oermann into the forward line! The fast Osei-Tutu curves around the opponent’s keeper, but is decisively disturbed by an opponent. Corner kick.

16′ Osterhage shoots from the back – blocked.

19′ Bonga goes into a one-on-one duel on the left, gives a corner.

19′ This time Osei-Tutu shoots from the back. Full shot, but Monheim’s goalkeeper holds the ball.

22′ Osei-Tutu moves into the middle from the right, aiming for the far corner. Unfortunately, the shot is well over.

23′ TOOOR for VfL! Gamboa drives the ball forward, sees Ganvoula in the forward line. He plays a one-two with Bonga and expertly slams the ball into the box from 16 meters – 1:1. With this, our striker gives himself a present on his birthday today!

26′ Böll finishes from a good position in the back. A bit too central, otherwise Monheim’s keeper would have had no chance to defend.

34′ Corner Stöger, header Ganvoula. A good chance, but it goes over.

37′ Next good chance for the VfL lead. Ganvoula is well served by Stöger, tries the duper, is parried.

40′ A tricky scene in the Bochum penalty area. Esser has to grab the ball at the last moment and hits both ball and opponent. Referee Fasihullah Habibi decides to play on.

40′ Stöger shoots from distance, but the shot is well over.

Half-time: 1:1 after 45 minutes in the Rheinstadion in Monheim. 29 degrees, sunny, almost tropical temperatures do not make it easy for the players on the pitch. The premier league team defended confidently and struck ice-cold with the first scoring chance. Ganvoula rewarded himself with his goal on today’s birthday. Basically still a lot of room for improvement.

46′ The ball is rolling again. Head coach Thomas Reis brings in all nine fresh players for the second half. Grave replaces Esser in the box and Toto takes over the captain’s armband from Gamboa. Böll and Bonga are the only players left on the pitch.

51′ Really strong attack from VfL. Toto opens, then it goes through many stations to Holtmann, who is lurking on the left wing. Our winger takes off, is parried strongly.

52′ Bonga delays in the sixteenth and shoots, too central.

56′ The Bochum lead is getting closer. Holtmann creates a lot of activity, Antwi-Adjei finishes. It is cleared for a corner.

57′ Lampropoulos climbs highest, but looks for a teammate instead of going for goal.

59′ Monheim remains present. Two good scoring chances, first after a counterattack, then after a corner kick. It remains an open game.

65′ Strong individual action by Holtmann, in his usual manner he gets around two opponents. Ultimately gets caught by the Monheim keeper.

66′ The goal of the Oberliga team is empty. Böll shoots from 30 meters, is still cleared.

68′ Hofmann gets through in the penalty area after a corner, but doesn’t hit the ball perfectly.

70′ Again Holtmann breaks through on the left, Antwi-Adjei misses the cross at the far post by a hair’s breadth.

73′ This should also have been the 2:1 for VfL. Böll chips the ball into the sixteenth, Zoller extends to Hofmann, who actually does everything right, but fails to put the ball in the goal.

77′ The chances are certainly the big shortcoming today. Double chance for Zoller and Antwi-Adjei. By now it’s hard to believe that the score is still tied.

80′ Böll shoots from 30 meters. Is not rewarded, but worth a try.

80′ Holtmann tries the shot into the far corner, Monheim’s goalkeeper has reckoned with it.

90′ Equal out, here no more goal will fall.

Full-time: 1:1 is the final score. Flattering, of course, for the team from the top division. The VfL left plenty of high-caliber goals. At this time of the preparation however everything else as untypical. Monheim fought for the draw with a lot of will and passion.

The preparation continues in quick succession. The next test match is already scheduled for Saturday, when we play host to 1. FC Bocholt (Saturday, July 2, 2 p.m.).


2nd friendly: Draw in Monheim

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