0-2 friendly defeat against SC Paderborn


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The final friendly match before the start of training camp. VfL travelled to SC Paderborn. The second-division club won its dress rehearsal 2-0, with two set pieces deciding the match in East Westphalia. Jacek Goralski made his first appearance for VfL in his new kit.

Here’s how the game went:

1′ The ball is rolling. Let’s go, lads!

5′ First corner kick of the game goes to VfL. Holtmann forces the set piece with his speed.

5′ Mašović rises highest, the header is blocked. Stöger brings the thing in again, is also cleared.

6′ What an act by our number one! Stafylidis misjudges behind the halfway line, Paderborn counterattacks and runs with two players alone towards Riemann. Our snapper stays standing for a long time and clears the thing to the corner!

8′ Asano has space on the right side for a moment, but misses the final moment.

11′ Next opportunity for Asano. The Japanese player is very lively in the opening minutes.

12′ Distance shot Asano, which Paderborn’s keeper Jannik Huth holds well.

15′ Free kick Stöger from the half field. A bit too far for the onrushing Mašović.

19′ Paderborn combines through. The second hundred percent chance in this game for the home side. Gamboa throws himself into the ball in the five-meter area and clears for a corner.

21′ Distance shot from Paderborn’s Muslija. Riemann is not threatened.

27′ Little action in both penalty areas. Both are struggling to find solutions.

28′ Paderborn’s Leipertz now tries from distance, but misses clearly.

29′ Förster draws the foul shortly before the sixteenth. Yellow card for our number 10.

30′ Well taken free kick from Muslija. Riemann is wide awake and deflects the ball out of the goal.

34′ Gamboa, Gamboa, Gamboa. Our popular right-back is on the spot when needed. Another strong save in the sixteen!

36′ That was dangerous! Hofmann gets in an aerial duel after a Stöger corner, but can’t put the ball on the box with full force.

40′ Penalty for Paderborn. Foul by Mašović, referee Lukas Kwasniok hesitates briefly and then points to the spot.

40′ 1-0 to Paderborn. Muslija converts the penalty kick.

42′ That could have been the second goal. Lampropoulos saves in the highest emergency.

44′ Mistake in Paderborn’s back line. After Asano’s pass, Gamboa suddenly has a free shot, but doesn’t place it well enough.

Half-time: 1-0 for the hosts after 45 minutes in the Home Deluxe Arena in Paderborn. It’s okay in terms of chances, SC had the higher quality opportunities. Asano has caused a stir in phases, but still without the necessary coldness.

46′ The ball is rolling again. Head coach Thomas Reis brings in six fresh players for the second half. Grave, Oermann, Góralski, Antwi-Adjei, Ganvoula and Zoller are now in the game.

51′ First big chance for VfL in the second half. Corner by Stöger, header by Zoller. Cleared on the line. Keep it up!

55′ Now the first Paderborn chance in the second half. Leipertz gets a free shot in the penalty area, but doesn’t hit the ball properly.

57′ Ganvoula puts the Paderborn defense under pressure, Losilla shoots, a bit too central.

57′ On the counterattack, substitute Grave makes a brilliant save. Gives corner kick.

58′ 2-0 to SC Paderborn. Jannis Heuer scores with his head after a corner, no chance for Grave.

63′ Triple change for VfL. Bonga, Osterhage and Tolba enter the pitch. Stöger, Stafylidis and Gamboa go down.

68′ Osterhage looks for Ganvoula in the middle, but the chip ball ends up with Paderborn’s keeper.

72′ Simply too inaccurate today. Many passes in the final third don’t arrive. We probably won’t score two more goals like that.

76′ Zoller breaks through on the right side. His cross develops into a shot on goal, just over the box.

81′ Oermann clears cleanly in the highest emergency for a corner.

84′ Paderborn with a double chance, fortunately it doesn’t go in.

90′ Right off the bat, no goal will be scored here.

Full-time: SC Paderborn beats us 2-0. It’s a fair result, no question. Was not our day today. Few clean attacks, too many bad passes. But cheer up, there’s still plenty of time until the first competitive match.

A day’s rest, then we’re off to training camp early on Sunday morning. We’ll spend a week in the vacation region of Bruneck Kronplatz in South Tyrol, including two test matches. Of course, we’ll take you with us on the journey!

VfL Bochum 1848, 1st half: Riemann – Gamboa, Mašović, Stöger, Losilla, Förster, Asano, Stafylidis, Holtmann, Lampropoulos, Hofmann

VfL Bochum 1848, 2nd half: Grave – Gamboa (63rd Tolba) , Mašović, Stöger (63rd Bonga), Losilla, Góralski, Oermann, Stafylidis (63rd Osterhage), Antwi-Adjei, Ganvoula, Zoller.

Goals: 1-0 Florent Muslija (40th), 2-0 Jannis Heuer (58th)

0-2 friendly defeat against SC Paderborn

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