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Maaßen: “We simply didn’t take our chances”

Enrico Maaßen, SC Freiburg - FC Augsburg, Saison 2022/23

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Maaßen: “We simply didn’t take our chances”

Reaction to the 3-1 defeat in Freiburg

Despite some positive attacking play, FC Augsburg’s second half to the season began with a 3-1 defeat away to SC Freiburg. Here is the match reaction.

Ermedin Demirović: “It’s a painful defeat. We played well as a team over the 90 minutes. We asked our opponents a lot of tough questions and more than held our own, but we were just lacking that little bit of luck that you need. It was a good performance that we can build on.”

Mads Pedersen: “We did a lot right today. In particular, we created a lot of chances in the first half, but only one of them resulted in a goal. Even the smallest mistake gets punished in this league. That was evident with their second goal.”

Jeffrey Gouweeleuw: “It was an open game, and it was only a few little things that made the difference between victory and defeat. We need to stop making these kinds of mistakes. We need to start concentrating again directly after we score, and then we won’t concede straightaway after kick off again.”

Rafał Gikiewicz: “It was certainly a good game for the spectator, but given the result we cannot say the same. We were well structured and had a good plan, but we made a few mistakes which ultimately cost us the game. We had enough chances to win the game, too, so it’s a bitter feeling to be going home empty handed. I think we could have ended this busy week of fixtures with one more point than we actually picked up.” 

Arne Maier: “That they made it 2-1 so soon after we equalised was tough. Overall, it was a good game in which we created multiple opportunities against a strong Freiburg team. Unfortunately, we didn’t do enough with these chances and we didn’t score enough goals. In my opinion, it was a clear penalty on Robert Gumny, and that could’ve made it 2-2. In the end, we conceded a third from their set piece.”

Enrico Maaßen: “We played well over the 90 minutes. We haven’t come away with a point today because we simply didn’t take our chances and made basic errors in the build-up to their goals. The most important thing is picking up points, and we didn’t manage to do that today. Now we need to bring as engaged a performance against Leverkusen and try to win. We proved we’re more than capable of doing that in the first half of the season.”

Christian Streich: “Augsburg played well and made it tough for us today. They were clever and strong, and at times, we weren’t able to stop them. However, we had good chances ourselves, which we ultimately took. We worked hard this week, so I’m pleased with the win. If Demi had made it 2-2, I don’t know how the game would have ended up.”

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Maaßen: “We simply didn’t take our chances”

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