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Maaßen: “We missed a big chance”


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Maaßen: “We missed a big chance”

Reaction to the defeat in Berlin

“Over the 90 minutes, we weren’t able to put in a performance similar to those we’ve been producing at home in recent times,” said FCA head coach Enrico Maaßen after the 2-0 defeat away to Hertha BSC. His players were also frustrated with the way they conceded the two goals. Here is the match reaction. 

Jeffrey Gouweleeuw: “I don’t know if everyone was aware of how important this game was. A win could have put us in a situation whereby we no longer would need to keep an eye on the competition. Our performance today was not good enough, and we weren’t able to get back into the game after they took the lead. Now we need to take a look at ourselves and pick up some more vital points.”

Rafał Gikiewicz: “We knew we could expect lots of long balls and a real fight. There weren’t many chances in the first half, and we started the second half well, but then we conceded two cheap goals. For the first goal, I perhaps should have gone with both hands, but at the end of the day, it will go down that Hertha took their chances whereas we did not. Hertha weren’t the better team, but they did score two goals.” 

Enrico Maaßen: “We’re disappointed because we missed a big chance. It wasn’t a great Bundesliga game from both sides. Nothing special really happened and both sides defended intensely. Overall, we made too many mistakes and created too few chances. Over the 90 minutes, we weren’t able to put in a performance similar to those we’ve been producing at home in recent times. We were too sloppy on the ball. After half time, I felt we did get a bit better, but a chain of mistakes which culminated in their first goal then occurred. It started with an unnecessary foul, then we didn’t clear the second ball properly and finally conceded from a long-range effort. We also should have defended better for their second goal.” 

Sandro Schwarz: “Enrico summarised the game well. We had our first chance after two minutes through Florian Niederlechner, but overall there weren’t many opportunities because both sides were defending well. However, we’re pleased to have taken two of our second-half chances and to come away as deserved winners.” 

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Maaßen: “We missed a big chance”

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