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Tim Howard recalls Everton ‘wrong’un’s 2am hot tub party’ at Toffees training ground

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Tim Howard has recalled the time one of his Everton teammates had a hot tub party at the training ground at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Howard spent over a decade with the Toffees, including an incredible run of 210 consecutive games.

The former American international played with a wide range of players of varying experience and acclaim in his time at Goodison Park and recalled Royston Drenthe, who joined from Real Madrid, being a particularly notworthy addition.

“We had some wrong’uns at Everton as well, and I think those are the ones that stood out more than anything,” Howard told the Fozcast. “One was horrific; Royston Drenthe.”

Howard went on to explain how Drenthe clashed with the rest of the dressing room’s “worker bee” ethic, before recalling his early morning dip in the hot tub.

He continued: “In comes Royston with Rolls Royces to the training ground, bowls in with his shoes untied, he’s having to run the perimeter of the training ground because he’s always late, his eyes are half-open…”

“I guess he’d never heard of CCTV or something, because he ends up coming to the training ground in the middle of the night with friends, and they were in the hot tub,” he laughed.

“You were just thinking, ‘you’re at the wrong club here mate’.”

It was claimed Drenthe was joined by a number of women in the hot tub, but he once clarified his version of events when speaking to the Toffee Blues fan channel.

“The story’s true but the stories with the girls – they just give it, like, a little extra,” Drenthe said.

“I remember because I was not feeling well that day. I took my car because I didn’t want to come late in the morning.

“I needed my car to come back to the training ground in the morning.

“It was 2 o’clock in the morning, but in my mind it was like, what is 2 o’clock? Around this time I’m awake as well at home sometimes.

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Tim Howard recalls Everton ‘wrong’un’s 2am hot tub party’ at Toffees training ground

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