Saha: Fernandes ‘behaviour’ is reminiscent of Keane as he tells ‘unhappy’ Man Utd stars to ‘change jobs’

Man Utd midfielder Bruno Fernandes looks dejected

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Louis Saha has told any Man Utd players “unhappy” with Bruno Fernandes “body language” to “change jobs” after the Portugal international was criticised.

The 28-year-old has been criticised for a number of incidents during against arch-rivals Liverpool on Sunday.

Fernandes was seen throwing his hands up in the air towards Man Utd team-mates and officials during the match and was as .

But former Man Utd striker Saha defended Fernandes by likening some of his behaviour to legendary midfielder Roy Keane.

Saha told “I will defend Bruno, everyone is entitled to make mistakes and he will learn from them and reflect, maybe he’ll see what fans and pundits have said about his behaviour and he will think about it…

“I think he wants to win and that’s what I see in him. If the players around him are unhappy with his body language and are worried about being criticised by their captain, change jobs. That’s it. You have to accept these things. Roy Keane used to do it too, he always looked for a reaction, whether it was the right one or not.”

On the result, Saha added: “Everything went wrong. It was one of those days when there is just too much to complain about. The result speaks for itself and it’s a wake-up call. They will have to go back and identify what happened for them to collapse, to see what went wrong. You can lose, but to lose like this, it’s horrific.

“I don’t think this game will derail the season… They have set a good foundation and that is why they have gone on a good run, won a cup and played so well recently.

“That’s why I think it’s just one bad result. Of course, it’s hard to swallow, but these things happen – that’s football, but they are professionals and they will bounce back.”

Wout Weghorst – who signed from Burnley on loan until the end of the season in January – played against Liverpool and Saha insists the Netherlands international “doesn’t deserve to be starting in every game” for Man Utd.

On Weghorst, Saha continued: “To be honest, I am frustrated with him because I played in that position for many years and I think he’s a good player with lots of experience both internationally and in club football but his performances haven’t been good enough and he doesn’t deserve to be starting in every game.

“He’s been given a lot of opportunities to prove himself and he hasn’t taken that chance. I don’t think he’s very effective at pressing high up the pitch. I understand why he’s in the team as he’s the focal point and he provides stability for the team, but I think that’s not good enough.”

Saha: Fernandes ‘behaviour’ is reminiscent of Keane as he tells ‘unhappy’ Man Utd stars to ‘change jobs’

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