Klopp says Gerrard ‘will be back’ as he reveals chat with Liverpool legend after Villa sack

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and Steven Gerrard

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Jurgen Klopp insists Steven Gerrard “will be back” as the Reds boss revealed he has spoken to the Liverpool legend after he was sacked by Aston Villa.

Gerrard insisted he was a “fighter” after his side’s 3-0 defeat to Fulham before being sacked around 90 minutes later.

But as Klopp explained, it’s “how you respond” to setbacks which is key, and the Reds manager is sure Gerrard “will be back” in the dugout soon.

Klopp said: “I am sure he will come back from that. I’ve been 7 years at Liverpool, we’ve not met a lot for different reasons, but we created a close relationship and I’ve always followed him. Had a quick exchange this morning, nothing too deep.

“I can imagine it’s disappointing for him because of the things he wanted to achieve at Aston Villa. We all get knocks and it’s about how you respond. These things can happen. A lot of great managers out there had to leave clubs for different reasons. He will be back.”

Former Liverpool teammate Jamie Carragher says Gerrard knew what he was getting into when he took on the Villa job.

“You can always look at the players, but every manager knows when he goes into a job, if the players are not performing at their best, it is the manager who is going to carry the can,” former Reds defender Carragher told Sky Sports News.

“Stevie is well aware of that. I’m sure he will be disappointed with certain performances, from individuals and the team.

“But when you go into management, you know the price on the ticket – and if results are not right or whether the players are letting you down or not performing, it is the manager that carries the can.

“That is always the case and that is the brutal part of football management.”

“I’m really not sure if Stevie would go back in or wait 12 months. I spoke to him a few days ago about the upcoming games and he’s not daft, he knows the situation.

“It will be really interesting. That’s not what I have spoken to him about, whether he wants to be a manager for the next 20 years or he will pick certain jobs that will appeal to him.

“I think that is what he has done with his jobs that he has picked. Whether Stevie would drop down to the Championship I am really not sure.”

Klopp says Gerrard ‘will be back’ as he reveals chat with Liverpool legend after Villa sack

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