Supervisory board and Klaus Filbry agree to contract extension

Klaus Filbry leans on a railing, with solar panels in the background.

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“With this decision we want to put in place a marker for continuity and stability in a key position ahead of time,” explained the chairman of the supervisory board, Marco Fuchs, who together with member of the supervisory board, Dirk Wintermann, led the talks with Klaus Filbry. “After the changes to the board of directors at the of last year and also at the beginning of this year, and the structural changes we are making in the business departments, it is important to us to have stability with the board of directors, which we see Klaus Filbry as guaranteeing,” said Fuchs.

Dirk Wintermann also sees the work already done by the 56-year-old as an important factor in the contract extension. “Klaus Filbry and his fellow directors have dealt very well with the critical situations of the last year stemming from Coronavirus and relegation. We see the current set-up of the board of directors as ensuring the necessary continuity but also the required flexibility.”

Klaus Filbry, who joined Werder in 2010, and has been in office as CEO since 2012, is looking forward to his future task with optimism. “I thank the supervisory board for putting their trust in me and for the very open and trustful talks with Marco Fuchs and Dirk Wintermann. I am looking forward to working together with my colleague on the board of directors, in the office and on the supervisory board to tackle the large projects that lie ahead of us. We want to further develop Werder Bremen and make the team competitive for the future, in order to further establish the team in the Bundesliga in the long-term.”

Supervisory board and Klaus Filbry agree to contract extension

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