“Maybe the saying is right”

Michael Zetterer in front of the dressing room exit smiling with folded arms

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WERDER.DE: Moin Zetti, after eight years you still haven’t had enough of Werder. On a serious note, does the shrimp roll beat the Weißwurst?

Michael Zetterer: Definitely not (laughs). Neither for me at the moment, anyway, as I’m now on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

WERDER.DE: So the Bremen fish and you are no longer together, but you will continue your footballing career at Werder.

Michael Zetterer: There were many reasons to stay here, so I made the decision together with my advisor and my family. There were also one or two offers that I took into consideration, and of course I want to game time as well, but overall it felt right to stay at Werder.

WERDER.DE: You were 19 when you came to Bremen. At the time you were playing in Munich at Unterhaching. Was it difficult for you to make the move up north back then?

WERDER.DE: During your time at Werder, you were also loaned out twice. At Zwolle, you had to earn your place in goal. Was that the most difficult part of your career over these years?

Michael Zetterer: No. The hardest time was coming back from injuries again and again.

WERDER.DE: For example when you broke your wrist.

Michael Zetterer: A lot of things go through your head at a time like that. You have doubts about how things will continue at all, and of course it wasn’t an easy time in Zwolle too, having to fight for my place in at the beginning, but it did work out well.

WERDER.DE: In the end, however, the path always led back to Werder.

Michael Zetterer: I know that not every player sees it this way, but it was clear to me that I wanted to go back to my club. That was and still is Werder for me. When I got the call that something was happening here in the goalkeeper position, I knew that I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Maybe the saying is right”

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