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“It’s the same issues as the last few weeks”

Ole Werner on the touchline.

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Head coach Ole Werner: “On the one hand, we deserved to win for our effort, the number of chances we created and that we saw as much of the ball as they did. At the end of the day, we conceded the two goals from examples of poor defending. It’s the same issues as the last few weeks. Now we’ve got most of our squad back, it’s up to us to keep working on these parts of the game.” 

Marco Friedl: “Our first-half performance wasn’t anything special, but yet we still had the better chances. Then, after half time, we shipped two identical goals in five minutes and had to play out the rest of the match in front of our home fans two goals down. We gave it our all in the end, but we only have ourselves to blame for today.” 

Niklas Schmidt: “It’s a really frustrating defeat. It was only a matter of centimetres that meant our penalty got overturned. We set up bravely, so one or two balls might get in behind us. We know we’ve got the quality, but we didn’t get the goals today. We’ve got work to do at both ends of the pitch.” 

Mitchell Weiser: “Of course it’s annoying the penalty got chalked off. I’ve seen a replay now and it’s clear I was offside. We defended two crosses poorly and then found ourselves chasing the rest of the game. We didn’t pick up our men and need to be more defensively aware, myself included.” 

“It’s the same issues as the last few weeks”

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