Kohr: “Things just didn’t go our way today”


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Following a 3-0 defeat to VfL Wolfsburg, the Zerofivers were left disappointed that their performance in the first half wasn’t reflected in the final scoreline. At the half-hour mark, no one in the team felt that they would leave the pitch having been handed a heavy defeat, adding that they should have defended better on the opening goal. They won’t have long to dwell on today’s result, with the next game against FC Schalke 04 coming up quickly on Wednesday (20:30 CET).

Post-match reaction from the Mainz camp:

Martin Schmidt: “We played really well during the first 30 minutes, and were the dominant side. Aside from the fact that we lacked that little bit of luck in the game, we also struggled to play the final pass in the final third and to establish ourselves down the wings – that’s on us. Otherwise, we were the dominant side for much of the game. In the end, we lost against an opponent that had four shots on target and scored with three of them. They were brutal effective today, and we weren’t, which is why we lost.”

Dominik Kohr: “Things just didn’t go our way today. We played well and put Wolfsburg under pressure early on. Everything was going to plan, and then we were a bit unlucky, like with both of my chances. If we had taken the lead there, then the game would have gone our way. Regardless, we should have defended better on each of their goals.”

Silvan Widmer: “It’s a tough defeat. We didn’t defend well on the first goal, but that can happen. Both of their set pieces turned the game in their favour. We were playing well, created chances and barely allowed our opponents any room. Especially in the first half, we did a good job of putting our game plan into action. The second goal knocked the wind out of our sails. We kept trying to get back in it, but we weren’t able to.”

Robin Zentner: “We played well during the first half and kept them contained, in addition to winning several second balls and creating chances. We lacked some precision in the second half, but we were still fighting hard. It’s hard to understand how we could lose 3-0. [Maximilian Arnold‘s shot to make it 2-0] didn’t look like anything special at first, but then it swerved suddenly and I wasn’t able to get to it anymore. Nothing went our way today, but we now need to put this game behind us as quickly as possible because we will be back in action on Wednesday already.” 

Kohr: “Things just didn’t go our way today”

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