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“We’re pleased with the performance and the win”


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RB Leipzig defeated VfL Wolfsburg 3-0 on Bundesliga matchday 21

Match report

Marco Rose:

Emil Forsberg:

  • “We were calm today and that’s what we needed. We had a good defensive shape when in possession and didn’t give up many chances.

    We scored two more nice goals towards the end. The 3-0 scoreline is important and gives us confidence. We have some exciting games ahead. We want to go into every one and win.“

Willi Orbán:

  • “Looking back, you have to say that it was a highly-deserved win, even if the second and third goals did come late in the game. We missed a couple of chances to put the game to bed a bit earlier – that’s not a nice feeling.

    However, it reassures you that you’re doing well and didn’t allow them any chances, but we have to make sure that we close out games earlier in the upcoming matches. Everything is very tight and we’ll be fighting for a Champions League place right until the end of the campaign. We want to start a new run and we’ve started that today.”

Christopher Nkunku:

  • “It is a really nice feeling. I’m very happy to be back on the pitch with my teammates and a 3-0 win is good for our self confidence.

    It was a very difficult time for by. But that’s all in the past now and I’m concentrating on the team. I feel good, but I’m not in perfect physical condition and I have to carry on working hard.“

Xaver Schlager:

  • “As expected, it was a difficult game, like last week. Similarly, we were 1-0 ahead again and had the game under control but didn’t score a second goal. Then it can always get dangerous.

    In the first half, we moved the ball around well and finally scored the second goal late in the game. After that, you see straight away how much easier the game becomes. We didn’t get the points we wanted in the past two games, so it was important that we got a win here today.“

“We’re pleased with the performance and the win”

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