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“It was good from A to Z!”


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Marco Rose:

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Konrad Laimer:

  • “You could tell from the very beginning that we wanted to show a different side to ourselves and absolutely wanted to win the game. We could have avoided the game being so tense at the end if we had scored the second goal earlier on, but it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It just feels good to win.

    Evenings like this with the fans and the atmosphere around the stadium are why we play football. Now we’re in the semifinals and we want to get back to Berlin.”

Timo Werner:

  • “We started the game exactly the way we wanted to. We didn’t allow Dortmund any chances and created a lot of opportunities for ourselves. If we could have used them better, we could have been 3-0 or 4-0 ahead early in the game. It was a good game and a really nice evening for us.

    After the 3-0 defeat against Mainz, we owed it to ourselves but also to the fans. It was good from A to Z today. Our fans were behind us and we played some brilliant football.”

Willi Orbán

  • “The allotted added time had been played and then Dortmund had that effort on goal. I thought the referee was going to whistle for full time after that, but then he allowed the corner kick.

    Janis cleared the danger and I was wondering whether I should get forward. Then I saw that we needed someone in attack. It worked out well – it was a really nice way to end the game!

    We spoke a lot after the poor results and it’s done us some good, even though it was frustrating. It is a great feeling tonight but we have to build on t in the league. We have a bit of making up to do there.”

“It was good from A to Z!”

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