TSG Hoffenheim and JOMA extend until 2026


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“The partnership with JOMA is very important to us. We notice, in part through feedback from our own supporters, how well our shirt designs for example go down with our fans,” said TSG managing director Denni Strich. “After four successful years with our Spanish top partner, we’re looking forward to another three seasons in which TSG will compete in the various Bundesliga divisions with completely custom-designed jerseys,” Strich added.

“The cooperation with TSG Hoffenheim has been inspiring to us from day one. Our principles of working innovatively and sustainably at the same time are congruent. That makes the practical cooperation simple and enjoyable,” said JOMA managing director Alberto López. “Our goal is to keep establishing the JOMA brand on the German market with TSG’s help. This also shows our potential in the European sports market, where we are increasingly present thanks to partnerships like the one with TSG.”

JOMA is a Spanish company that specialises in the production and marketing of sporting goods. JOMA is the best-known Spanish sports brand with the highest turnover volume worldwide and is therefore among the top 10 global brands in sport. The company was founded in 1965 by Fructuoso López and has since undergone a rapid development. They are currently represented in more than 120 countries, with eight subsidiaries located in the United States, Italy, China, Great Britain, Germany, Mexico, Panama and Brazil. JOMA plays a leading role in football in particular and is represented in the top European leagues. Overall, it sponsors and equips more than 300 professional teams globally. Thanks to these sponsorships, JOMA is not only represented in the world’s major football leagues, but also in all football-related international competitions as well as the World Cup.

TSG Hoffenheim and JOMA extend until 2026

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