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  3. Bavarian Podcast Works: Postgame Show — Gladbach 3-2 Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)

Bavarian Podcast Works: Postgame Show — Gladbach 3-2 Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)

Borussia Mönchengladbach v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga

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Bayern Munich always has an uneasy time against Borussia Mönchengladbach, and this game was no different. The red card awarded to Upamecano quickly quelled any hopes of a win in Borussia Park after ages… Bayern’s early dominance ended as they went down a man, and had to hold on for dear life as wave after wave of Gladbach counterattacks ensued.

The attack came short this game and was simply not clinical enough, and the defense could certainly have been better, but playing Gladbach away is in itself a daunting task. Hoping for a win is just stupidity at this point. The great lord Hansi, who won the sextuple in that historic 2019-20 season, couldn’t get a win against Gladbach away in his tenure. Coaches throughout Bayern’s history have struggled with this fixture. Playing them for the entire game with just 10 men is just sad.

So yeah, this result isn’t exactly surprising. Okay, enough waffling around.

Here are the major talking points from the podcast:

  • Gladbach’s impeccable record against Bayern Munich
  • The form of both teams coming into this game (and why it doesn’t matter)
  • Tactics and lineups of both sides
  • Why this loss isn’t on Nagelsmann
  • Upamecano’s red card and the ramifications
  • Lacklustre finishing and poor passing from the midfield
  • Pavard a bright point, Gravenberch is very positive
  • Gladbach games a lost cause before kickoff

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Bavarian Podcast Works: Postgame Show — Gladbach 3-2 Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)

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