“Self-belief and fighting spirit”


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Gonca, how have the first few months in Vigo been for you?
“Excellent. I’ve settled into the team and the city, which is not at all far away from where I was born. I’m basically really happy with the move and I’ve still got plenty of things that I want to achieve.”

You scored our first goal en route to the Europa League title last season, and what an important one it was! How often do you think back to that campaign?
“It was such a great moment and one that I’ll remember for the rest of my career and the rest of my life. That 1-0 win in Antwerp was the start of an incredible journey. Frankfurt still occupies a big place in my heart.”

Do people in Spain talk to you about Eintracht and the Europa League?
“They do. What most people think of here when it comes to Eintracht is the result in Barcelona. Eintracht are famous around the world, so obviously people are going to ask me about that.”

During your time in Portugal, you faced our next opponents Sporting eight times. What will your former team-mates have to watch out for in Lisbon?
“Over the past couple of years, Sporting have been a very stable club. They’re very much on the right track, they’ve won a trophy and they’ve strengthened the squad in a clever way. This team will be capable of battling it out for the Portuguese league title. It’s not an ideal situation for them, but they’ve still got some technically very gifted and very pacy attackers.

Europe needs Eintracht and Eintracht fans need Europe.

Goncalo Paciencia

What kind of a match are you expecting?
“Frankfurt are in good form at the moment and they’re capable of winning. It’ll be a tough contest though. The way Eintracht have played over recent years, with lots of self-belief and fighting spirit – they’re capable of getting a result.”

How far do you think Frankfurt can go this season – domestically and in Europe?
“It would be great if Eintracht could still be in Europe over the winter, either in the Champions League or the Europa League – Europe needs Eintracht and Eintracht fans need Europe. Eintracht might just be capable of making history on the international stage again. I just hope that they manage to achieve something and enjoy some more great away trips with their fans.”

When can we hope to see you in the city forest again?
“I don’t yet know when, but I’ll definitely be back. It’ll be such a pleasure to spend time with the team and with all the Eintracht people. I miss everyone so much.”

What’s your prediction for Tuesday?
“I think it’ll be 2-1 for Eintracht.”

“Self-belief and fighting spirit”

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