Schippers announces financial figures


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Schippers announces financial figures

Chief executive Stephan Schippers outlined the financial figures for the year 2022 during the general meeting. The turnover was 177.3 million Euros, with an annual net loss of 24.6 million Euros, which was brought about by different factors.

Borussia VfL 1900 Mönchengladbach GmbH generated revenue of 177.3 million Euros in 2022 and ended the financial year (1st January to 31st December 2022) with a net loss of 24.6 million Euros. These are the figures given in the annual financial statement approved by the auditor. “Of course, you can’t be satisfied with a loss like this, however, the year was also shaped by various factors that led to this result,” explained Borussia’s chief executive Stephan Schippers.

Four areas essentially had a decisive influence. Compared to 2021, a total of around 30 million Euros in television money were lost, of which around 19 million Euros due to the new, less funded TV contract of the DFL. In addition, there would be the transfer fee and severance payment for Adi Hütter. Various after-effects of Covid-19 would have contributed around 10 million Euros to the account. The two matches in the first half of the season that were not played until this year because of the World Cup would have also generated less income.

Although Borussia took in around 30 million Euros less in television money in the 2022 financial year, they were able to increase revenue by eight million overall compared to the previous year. “That means that we compensated for 38 million Euros elsewhere, which shows the club’s good performance from a business point of view. Overall, we are in a good position,” said Schippers.

Throughout to the pandemic, which lasted almost three years, Borussia suffered losses amounting to around 55 million Euros overall. Equity fell from 103.3 to 47.1 million Euros during this time. “Nevertheless, we still have the second-most capital of all independent Bundesliga clubs that do not have shareholders,” stressed Schippers, according to whom Borussia withstood the Coronavirus period well overall. “W can be satisfied with how we came through this difficult time as a club. From now on, things are looking up again. This financial year we will be in the black again, which is what we’re working towards,” said Schippers.

Schippers announces financial figures

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