Jantschke: “I look forward to another chapter with Borussia”


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Jantschke: “I look forward to another chapter with Borussia”

Tony Jantschke has extended his contract with Borussia, which was due to run out this summer, by an additional year until 2024. The defender spoke in an interview about his motivation for this and his plans for the future.

Tony, this is not your first contract extension. Why did you decide to stay at Borussia for another year?

Jantschke: I feel fit even after my minor knee injury. I’m keen to be part of a change, as I have been in the past few years. I’m aware that I’m no longer signing as the first choice centre-back who plays 34 games in a row. Nevertheless, I know that I can make my contribution to the team.

Whenever you name is mentioned in BORUSSIA-PARK, “Football God” always resounds throughout the stadium from the fans. That’s something very special that exists between the club, the fans and you, isn’t it?

Jantschke: Definitely, the fans appreciate the fact that I’ve been here for a long time. This appreciation gives me a good feeling. I’ve experienced everything at Borussia, from relegation to the Champions League, so I’m happy that there will be another chapter for at least one year.

There are also important roles in a team outside of the starting eleven. In the dressing room you are someone who is listened to.

Jantschke: That’s how it should be after all these years (laughs). A team as a whole is a complex thing, with many people in and around it playing a role. We have always been most successful when things are working within the team. Team chemistry is very important. I know my role in the team and ideally I want to play every game. This is the ambition that I show in training and when I’m needed in games.

You mentioned your knee. Yesterday you were able to do part of team training again for the first time. How do you feel at the moment and how was the session?

Jantschke: It went well. We had an ambitious plan that worked out well. The knee help up very well, they did a great job with my surgery in Cologne. I am very pleased with my recovery.

Cologne is a good talking point. In the recent derby, the team and the fans imagined a different result, even though a clean sheet was kept. What do you have to do better to show a different performance against Wolfsburg?

Jantschke: The game against Köln was particularly bad from us in the first half. In the second half, we played a bit better, had more control and created more chances, but overall we can do better. There’s a reason why we are where we are in the table. There are periods in the season when it’s difficult. Recently against Bremen and Freiburg we didn’t manage to win after good performances. Now we want to do that against Wolfsburg, who are a few points ahead of us. Nevertheless, it’s a home game and we want to win.

What’s next for you after the 2023/24 season? Is another contract extension on the cards?

Jantschke: I’m a guy who puts his body on the line. You can see that from the injuries to my face. I haven’t learned too much in that respect (grins). To be honest, my body has also suffered a bit, so I have to listen to it and also do right by the club. As things stand now, it will be over next summer, but you never know (laughs). I have an agreement with Roland that I will stay with the club after my playing career and give my experience.

Jantschke: “I look forward to another chapter with Borussia”

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