After the final whistle, goalscorer and captain Marco Reus spoke to DAZN about the narrow victory against Leipzig.

Marco Reus: “To be honest, I didn’t really like the manner of this 10th win in a row. In the second half, we didn’t manage to keep possession of the ball and get into the opposition half in order to find solutions there. That was significantly better in the first half; we then found the gaps on several occasions, which we no longer managed at all after the break. Leipzig then played really well, really applied pressure and moved very well in the half-spaces. It was then very difficult for us to switch the play because the energy levels then played a role at some point. But we’re very, very happy that we picked up the 10th victory in a row. But like last week, we really struggled and were hanging on until the end. In the end, I would of course prefer to win rather than play well and lose. That’s very clear. Our main wish was to take back top spot in the table, apply further pressure and increase the gap to Leipzig. We managed that. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never provoke a penalty. He caught me and at that speed the minor contact was enough.”