“Need to enjoy ourselves”


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Everyone in Bochum is waiting with their fingers, toes, everything really crossed for the day when we hopefully secure our place in the league next season. This Saturday afternoon at 15:30 CET could be the time. VfL Bochum 1848 are facing neighbouring rivals Borussia Dortmund away from home. A hard nut to crack, but not impossible. Before the game against Dortmund, head coach Thomas Reis answered the journalists’ question at the press conference.

Thomas Reis on… 

… the personnel situation: Konstantinos Stafylidis is still suspended, Danilo Soares is not fit to play. All other players are ready to take part.

… the 0-2 defeat to FC Augsburg: We are self-critical enough to accept that this was certainly not the way we want and must go into games to be successful. Luckily, we’ve shown another face in most of the games this season. The defeat was unnecessary. But it happened. As a newly promoted team, there always will be weaker games and we will do everything to get back on track next weekend.

… the upcoming derby: We have a great derby ahead of us. The Ruhr area can be happy that at least on derby is taking place this year. Of course, the large home stands are impressive, but our fans will also be there in large numbers. Of course, I’m really looking forward to it and I’m just proud to be on the touchline for such a game.

… Borussia Dortmund: BVB are the stronger team on paper, no question. They have a great team and especially their quick switching game is always dangerous. We’ll have to make their life as difficult as possible. We must recall our basic virtues once again that have helped us so much this season. That means a great mentality and a healthy toughness in tackles.

… the left back position: Maxim Leitsch and Herbert Bockhorn are the alternatives for the left full back position. We’ll decide after the training tomorrow, who is taking over the job on Saturday.

… the game tactics for Saturday: We want to show a different side of us, we need to enjoy ourselves. I hope that at some point we can all lie in each other’s arms when we have achieved something great

…. the results of the other matches: First of all, I don’t really care about the other results. The chance to secure the league is in our own hands. As athletes, we also want to make it on our own.

“Need to enjoy ourselves”

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