Interviews: “Inferior in every way”


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Thomas Reis (Head coach VfL Bochum 1848): Looking at this came there’s only one opinion. We were inferior in every single way; at no point we could cope with Freiburg. At halftime I told the team that this is not the way to present ourselves as a team at all. It’s a pity to lose that way. Freiburg are in a great shape. If you’re not able to win the tackles, you will not be able to meet challenges like this. Still, I am in good spirits to make our dream come true at the end of the season.

Christian Streich (Head coach SC Freiburg): In the previous two games this season against Bochum we witnessed what energy and footballing quality comes along with them. Today we played much better football than they did. In the key situations we were wide awake and ball winning. We showed a remarkable performance. The crowd helped us a lot today. It hasn’t been that loud before. That was a real football temple, the players really deserved it.

Anthony Losilla: Today Freiburg outdid us in every single way. That was a gap in two or three classes. We didn’t win the tackles and were not able to put on the pitch what makes us a team. Our style of play is usually characterised by willingness and passion, which we completely lacked today. A big shoutout to our fans who were showing a great support. Unfortunately, they did not witness a good game by us. We need to show a different face in our upcoming home match against Augsburg.

Simon Zoller: We just didn’t have a good day today. From the very beginning until the end, we were performing badly, did not manage to find any solutions. In the end we were even fortunate that we didn’t concede even more goals. Such is life in football. We’re surely not without quality, we’ve got 36 points. Today Freiburg were performing extremely well, and we were very bad.

Sebastian Polter: We showed a quite bad performance. Every single one of us must question himself. That had nothing to do with Bundesliga football. We actually had a totally different plan but were not able to convert the plan on the pitch. When you are 2-0 down at such an early stage it’s anything but easy. But we are not going to upset our plans after a game like this. If we manage to regain our desire to win, we can ensure staying in the league.

Eduard Löwen: That was one of our worst games this season. Especially in the first half we were like mentally absent, we were asleep. They had so much space, Freiburg could pick up pace anytime, every long ball caused danger. It was incredible. In the second half we could apply some pressure, but after the 3-0 our heads were hanging.


Interviews: “Inferior in every way”

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