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“bochum.bolzt”: VfL strengthens environmental and climate education


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In the past, VfL Bochum 1848 has repeatedly reported on its progress in the area of “sustainability”. This is not only about the developments of sustainability measures within the club, but also about how to live up to the role model function in the region within the framework of social projects. This social commitment is implemented within the framework of projects and measures within the main topics BOCHUM COMMUNITY, BOCHUM HEALTH and BOCHUM ENVIRONMENT.

BOCHUMER ENVIRONMENT scheme will be extended with immediate effect by an effective cooperation project. For years, the VfL has had a good and close exchange with Patrick Schulz, the founder and initiator of the “bochum.bolzt” project. The project combines clean-ups at schools with football tournaments and sports activities. In this way, the relevance of environmental and climate issues is communicated to children and young people in a fun way. “The cooperation as part of bochum.bolzt is another important step in our ecological commitment and sustainable development. The project offers a great opportunity to combine important environmental and climate education topics with the joy of soccer. We are looking forward to an effective cooperation,” says Matthias Mühlen, Head of Sustainability at VfL Bochum 1848.

In addition to this joint commitment, the partnership also covers the implementation of workshops and professional exchange on waste and climate topics.

Patrick Schulz adds: “As a Bochum boy, I am particularly pleased about the cooperation with our VfL. This gives me the chance, in addition to spending time in the stadium, to share my knowledge and experience and give the VfL community impetus to reduce waste. This is what motivates me and us as less e.V.! We’re looking forward to working together and looking for and implementing opportunities with those responsible and interested fans – from our beloved living room to the city.”

The “bochum.bolzt” project was launched by weniger e.V.. The association is involved in numerous projects to reduce and avoid waste, as well as related topics. In doing so, the organization actively promotes the protection of the environment and climate, always in a positive, motivating and networking manner. Weniger e.V. is based in Witten.


“bochum.bolzt”: VfL strengthens environmental and climate education
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