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Eintracht turn it around


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Leading at the break, but without anything to show for it in the end. VfL were beaten 2-1 by Eintracht Frankfurt. Sebastian Polter had headed the Blue and Whites into a halftime lead. After the change of ends, Erhan Masovic scored an own goal and Kamada finally scored the winning goal for the Hessians.

On the 26th Bundesliga matchday, VfL Bochum 1848 were hosted by near neighbours Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday afternoon. Only two points separated the Blue and Whites from the Europa League participants from the Main metropolis before the match. 24,000 spectators were in attendance. Head coach Thomas Reis made a total of five changes compared to the 2-1 home win against SpVgg Greuther Fürth, most of them forced. Konstantinos Stafylidis moved to the right-back position for the yellow-suspended Cristian Gamboa. Covid-19 infected Maxim Leitsch and Danilo Soares also had to be replaced. Erhan Mašović and Herbert Bockhorn started from the beginning instead. In addition, Takuma Asano and Patrick Osterhage played in place of Christopher Antwi-Adjei and Eduard Löwen.

Here’s how the game went:

1′ The ball is rolling. Let’s go, blue and white!

2′ The game starts fast paced. Polter tries to send Asano in with a back-heel pass but gets caught. In return, Eintracht counterattacks, Kamada is served by a cross and aims just past Riemann’s box.

5′ Next good attack from the hosts. Bella Kotchap clears the ball to the corner.

6′ Melo is in a duel for a header, but his attempt goes wide of the mark. The Frankfurt player remains on the ground but can continue.

8′ It’s going to be a tough game today in any case. It would be important to get through the Eintracht initial offensive without any damage.

9′ The VfL plays its way into the opponent’s sixteenth, Osterhage gets caught. He recovers the ball and at least gets a throw-in.

10′ Kostić over on the left, fakes once and passes flat into the middle. We clear for a corner.

11′ Holtmann sprints over 70 meters! Our winger is hardly to be stopped on the counterattack, but in the end he lacks the strength to pull towards goal.

13′ Again a Eintracht corner, Kamada keeps it on target. Is blocked for the next corner kick.

15′ The Blue-Whites are doing it smartly now, bringing some calm into the game.

15′ Nice finish from Toto! Our captain takes a volley from an incoming ball. Very artistic, just past.

18′ Hinteregger puts Asano without any chance on the ball. Yellow-worthy, but referee Marco Fritz decides against a warning.

19′ TOOOOOR for VfL! We’re taking the lead here! Stafylidis takes a wonderful free kick, Polter makes a great run in and heads the ball into the net. 1:0 for the blue and white!

24′ What an opportunity for VfL! He should really do better here… Polter sends Holtmann, who plays a perfect ball to Asano. But our Japanese player can’t get past Eintracht keeper Trapp from close range.

25′ First yellow card in this game. Goes to Frankfurt’s Sow.

30′ Half hour over at Deutsche Bank Park. With the lead behind them, VfL has taken control of the game. Keep it up!

30′ Toto fouls Lindstrøm shortly before the sixteenth. Gives yellow for our Capitano and free kick from a dangerous position for Eintracht.

31′ Kostić first into the wall, then over. Nothing happens.

33′ Kostić comes through on the left and serves Kamada. But Mašović is on the spot, gives a kick for VfL.

38′ Strong effort from Rexhbecaj, rewarded with a throw-in towards the Frankfurt goal.

40′ Phew, take a breath… Bella Kotchap clears an entry, goes just past Riemann’s goal. Important save from our number 37.

42′ Bockhorn is on Kostić, the Serbian goes down in the penalty area. Referee Marco Fritz calls a goal kick. Video assistant Sören Storks checks the scene again, but it remains the same. No penalty!

45′ Polter and Holtmann interact. The last pass to our striker is too steep, too bad.

45+1′ Next yellow card for VfL. Osterhage stumbles, then stops the ball with his hand.

45+1′ Hinteregger gets in a header, dangerous. Riemann clears for a corner, important!

Half-time: We go into the break with the 1-0 lead. Intense first 45 minutes, the game started directly fast paced. Eintracht got off to the better start, but at the latest with the lead through Polter, VfL got better and better. Even the second goal was in the air. All in all, a strong first half, a good starting position for the second half.

46′ The ball is rolling again. No changes on either side.

46′ There’s no such thing. Eintracht presses directly and scores the equalizer. Mašović deflects a shot from Lindstrøm into his own goal – 1-1. Forget about this and move on, lads!

50′ VfL is there. Holtmann moves into the sixteen, but gets pressure from his opponent and falters.

52′ 2-1 to Eintracht. Kamada scores, Bockhorn cancels out the offside. Bitter.

55′ Important phase in the game. Frankfurt uses the momentum, VfL holds against it.

60′ Triple change for VfL. Locadia, Antwi-Adjei and Pantović enter the pitch. Holtmann, Asano and Osterhage go down.

63′ Antwi-Adjei takes a corner. The Jokers step on the gas right away. Keep it up!

65′ Pantović to Polter. Gives the next corner kick for blue and white.

65′ Polter with his head, unfortunately too central.

65′ Eintracht counters through Kostić. Bockhorn stops the Serb against the rules. Gives yellow and free kick.

66′ The free kick is dangerous, but goes over the goal.

68′ Bella Kotchap misjudges, Bockhorn defuses at the last moment. Very important!

72′ Lenz replaces Lindstrøm for the hosts.

73′ Rexhbecaj is stopped against the rules. Free kick for VfL from the half field.

74′ Stafylidis’ cross is good, but he doesn’t find a taker.

76′ Fourth change for the Blue and Whites. Löwen comes into the game for Rexhbecaj.

79′ Good cross from Bockhorn, Polter just misses.

80′ Hauge replaces Kostić for Eintracht.

83′ Jimmy with the ball loss, Frankfurt counter. Hauge to Borré, Bockhorn just ahead of him!

89′ There’s still a great chance! Locadia shoots, Trapp lets it bounce, but is then back against Jimmy!

90′ Four minutes of stoppage time! Is there anything left?

90’+2 Paciencia and Bella Kotchap in a duel. Both see yellow.

90’+3 Collision at the center circle. More stoppage time.

90’+6 Another long ball into the Frankfurt penalty area. But Eintracht is on the spot.

Full-time: That’s it. Eintracht keeps the points. We were asleep at the start of the second half, this cost us the points. Within six minutes, the hosts put the score at 2-1, leaving us with 32 points.

On Friday evening, we continue with a match under the floodlights at anne Castroper, when Borussia Mönchengladbach comes to the Vonovia Ruhrstadion (Friday, March 18, 8:30pm (CET).


Eintracht turn it around

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