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Kramarić: “We always believed in it”


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Andrej Kramarić: “There were a lot of emotions. We know the situation we were in last year. We’ve played some super games in recent weeks and managed it in the end. That was our objective before the season and we achieved it today. It is crazy to come from 2-0 down to beat Bayern Munich 4-2. And with a hat-trick and an assist from me; I don’t know when the last time that happened was. We’ve made it into Europe again. We always believed in it.”

Oliver Baumann: “I always wait and see before I really celebrate. But the goal for 4-2 brought it all out of me. Then the probability was already very high that we would qualify for Europe. It’s a huge weight that has come off our shoulders and it’s a huge source of joy. We hope that Leverkusen win the cup final. But either way, it’s great that we’re playing international football after last season. We also had a difficult time in the winter. I’m simply happy that we got our reward for an outstanding game.”

Maximilian Beier: “We’re super happy, we’ve qualified for Europe. After the first five minutes, in which we were caught napping, we produced a good performance. We then gathered in the changing rooms and said that we would run until we keeled over and actually turned the match around. The last two games have been really good. That brings a lot of joy after the poor spell we had this season. We’ve fulfilled our objective, so we’re not sad that we didn’t finish sixth. We qualified for Europe and I scored 16 goals, but it will be a few months before that sinks in for me.”

Pellegrino Matarazzo: “This was a special game and a special day for our team and the TSG family. We started in a very sleepy manner and immediately found ourselves 2-0 down, but we turned the match around. That was symbolic of our season. We have experienced many setbacks and have always gotten back up again. I must pay a huge compliment to the team. We scored 68 goals this season. In the end, it was a successful season.”

Thomas Tuchel (FC Bayern Munich coach): “We started very well but then let the game slip out of our hands due to the high number of individual errors. We invited the opponent into the game and then defended absolutely insufficiently. As a result, we let a 2-0 lead slip out of our hands. It was a bitter and unnecessary defeat.”

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Kramarić: “We always believed in it”

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