Andrej Kramarić: “We’re on the right track”


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Christoph Baumgartner: “We won the game, that’s the main thing. Bremen lost concentration slightly after our first goal so we immediately followed it up, that was important. Our coach is doing an amazing job. He has a clear plan, a clear message and sometimes steps in when he doesn’t like something. He strikes an extremely good balance between building up self-belief and still remaining tough and honest, that’s very important in this phase. He also always has a good match plan. That’s why his ideas have started to work well in the last two games at the latest, but I think even before that too.”

Andrej Kramarić: “I’m ecstatic that we picked up the three points. The closing stages were stressful, but I’m satisfied. When the whistle sounded for the penalty, I couldn’t believe our bad luck yet again. But then things ended with a good outcome for us. We’re on the right track and will need to go one better again against Schalke next week. They have shown great mental strength in recent weeks, it’s not going to be easy.”

Pellegrino Matarazzo: “We made a good start to the game and also started the second half well. We fought in the closing stages of both halves, but allowed ourselves to drop too deep. The team spirit was right, we’re really happy about the second victory in succession. But we’re still a long way from the finish line, the game against Schalke next week is very important. So I do not yet feel a sense of relief.”

Ole Werner (SV Werder Bremen coach): “We didn’t make a good start to the game. By a certain point, it was on the cards that the team that made the first mistake would have problems. That proved to be us. We have often restarted badly after the half-time break recently and were too poor at stopping the crosses. We did manage to pull a goal back that was certainly deserved, but we made two decisive errors and were not effective enough on the pitch. That’s why we deserved to lose.”

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Andrej Kramarić: “We’re on the right track”

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