“We need to improve on the pitch”


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A matchday 30 trip at the end of April to Munich awaits Hertha and head coach Pál Dárdai this weekend, just as it did back in 2015. Back then, our all-time record appearance holder had taken over during the second half of the season as well. We suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat in 2014/15, but need a better result than that this weekend (Sunday, 15:30 CEST). “I can’t claim to know how to win there,” he said jokingly. “I still think we can get a point, though we need to do a few things well – press aggressively, win second balls and defend set pieces properly,” said the Hungarian at the pre-match press conference. Our head coach also discussed…

…the squad:

Pál Dárdai: We would perhaps take a risk on one or two players if this game was a decisive one, but we need to be clever about things. We will still put together a good team. The lads have worked hard this week in training. They are still learning a few things, but they will come soon. Our experienced centre-backs will need to perform in Munich – they have looked good too this week. Pascal Klemens will make the trip down south, I’m more than happy to play him if need be. Lucas Tousart could also play at centre-back.

…the game in Munich:

Pál Dárdai: I can’t claim to know how to win there, I’ve never done it as a coach or a player. I still think we can get a point, though we need to do a few things well: press aggressively, win second balls and defend set pieces properly. We have worked on dead balls a lot this week. We know they are going to be really hungry for success. They will do all they can to beat us.

…reactions to conceding goals and team spirit:

Pál Dárdai: Conceding an early goal against Bayern is different to letting one in against Bremen. The players were shocked last weekend and were unsettled after that goal. We have nothing to lose in Munich and therefore won’t be under the pressure we were last week. The most important thing for me after conceding a goal is our body language. We have been speaking about it and working on it. I hope we will show a different reaction in the future. We are looking to help improve the team spirit. The lads see how close we are every day. We can now notice in training that the players are really listening to us, that’s a good sign. The players are like a real team in the changing room, but they need to improve out on the pitch. If they do that, we will have a chance.

…FC Bayern:

Pál Dárdai: I rate Thomas Tuchel highly. I’ve known his assistant, Zsolt Löw, for a long time now and he’s a good friend of my family. I was able to visit them both in Paris and they were really nice. They took over their team in a difficult situation and have therefore had to change a few things, which can take a bit of time and that’s the same for us too. It’s going to be an interesting game and it will be fascinating to see which team settles more quickly. Their team is slightly different now since Robert Lewandowski’s departure, but they still have lots of individual quality. We can’t give them any space and have to mark them closely.

“We need to improve on the pitch”

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