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Merry Christmas, Hertha fans!

Merry Christmas

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Christmas, a time of peace and goodwill, is also always a good time to take a deep breath and reflect. Our president is among those taking a look back at the past year and wants you to join him in doing so.

“Dear Hertha family. Let’s celebrate a Blue and White Christmas! After all, as fans of the ‘Old Lady’, we are always connected to one another – and that is a warm feeling! Especially at this time of year, we are very aware of what community and togetherness mean. Alongside all the attention on the first team, Christmastime is always the time of year where we as a club focus our efforts on delivering on our responsibilities, both humbly and sincerely,” said Kay Bernstein, also highlighting the efforts of the fans. “The project 1892hilft, which has yet again done brilliant things in the last few months and worked to help people in Berlin, is yet another example of the Blue-White readiness to help others. When I then think of other initiatives like ‘Hertha wӓrmt’ or ‘Spendet Becher – Rettet Leben!’, it still fills me with pride.”

Our president, who is also delighted about the most recent award for Hertha’s academy and the sporting success of the youth teams, continues: “If we are completely honest, regardless of how well the team plays, we will always want more points on the board as we sit around the Christmas tree. But, especially at Christmas, we are allowed to think that a club like Hertha BSC also scores points in different ways. For that, I thank all Hertha fans and wish you all a Merry Christmas. Ha, Ho, He, Hertha BSC!“

herthabsc.com echoes the words of our president and wishes all Hertha fans a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Hertha fans!

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