You voted – and this is the winner of the contest “Design the Kit”! Timo R. from Marl won the fan voting with his design by a large margin and designed the official home jersey for the 2023/24 season. 

“A jersey should stand out and be remembered,” says the media designer. And his design has stuck in the minds of BVB fans. The silhouette of the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK is immortalised on the jersey, the coal structure is intended to remind us of the roots of the Ruhr region.

And how did the idea come about? “I read about the competition before lunch, then went for a walk with my dogs and thought about what makes a jersey for me,” explains the winner in a video. “I had an image in my head straight away and implemented it after the lunch break.”

The winner has been chosen, but you can still be curious. At on 22 May you will get further insights into how the winning design became the official home jersey.

The new jersey will be available on 26 May in all BVB fan shops and in the BVB online shop.