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Out in the last second


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Great cup evening, bitter ending. VfL Bochum 1848 and SC Freiburg had a great battle in the quarterfinals of the DFB-Pokal. Both teams had their chances, and the Blue and Whites were close to advancing. But in the last second, Freiburg’s Sallai let the blue-white cup dreams burst after a mistake by Leitsch.

Wednesday evening, floodlit match – the three-game week at the Castroper is in full swing and came to an absolute climax: On Wednesday evening, the Blue-Whites received SC Freiburg in the DFB Cup quarterfinals. Head coach Thomas Reis made four changes compared to the 0-1 defeat against Leipzig. Konstantinos Stafylidis came in for Danilo Soares, Gerrit Holtmann was preferred to Milos Pantovic, Patrick Osterhage played for Eduard Löwen and Jürgen Locadia started for Sebastian Polter.

Here’s how the game went:

1′ VfL kick off and right on time a spectacular fireworks display starts behind the Süd-Tribüne.

2′ The first attack attempt via the right side in person of Asano. However, the cross is too harmless, so that Flekken can intercept the cross without any problems.

5′ Huge chance for VfL. After a throw-in by Stafylidis, the ball is forwarded to the free right side. Gamboa marches and crosses to the second post. Holtmann misses the header next to the goal!

6′ The first approach to goal from the guests. Günter misses the ball and Riemann quickly raises his hands, no danger.

11′ Good chance. Stafylidis crosses to Locadia, who passes to Osterhage in the penalty area. But the following shot is too harmless.

25′ Good ball from Riemann to Stafylidis. He tries to outsmart Flekken from almost 40 meters. However, the shot clearly misses the goal.

26′ Next attempt from Freiburg. Kübler brings the ball dangerously into the penalty area on the right. Gamboa is just able to prevent Grifo from finishing. Strong save!

29′ Holtmann finishes from 35 meters with his strong left foot. But the ball is no danger for Freiburg.

38′ Locadia is on the ground. After a short treatment break, it looks better again for our striker. It was probably his hip.

45′ VfL has a great chance shortly before the break. Elvis passes to Asano, who passes to Holtmann in the middle. Schlotterbeck blocks the shot in the highest emergency! The lead would be deserved by now.

Break: The VfL plays a great game. The 10,000 spectators have seen a lot of intense duels so far. The Blue and Whites are closer to 1:0 than Sportclub. Locadia’s injury is bitter, Polter is warming up intensively at half-time.

46′ The ball is rolling again. And as suspected:. Polter comes into the game for Locadia.

46′ Leitsch’s back pass is too short. Schade energetically follows up, but Riemann comes out of the goal in time to clear the ball out of bounds.

46′ Asano tests Flekken. Final shot from just under 17 meters. The keeper has it safely.

47′ Leitsch makes a save. Schade goes into the sixteen with the ball, our central defender is on the spot, Bella Kotchap also helps out!

50′ GOAL. The guests take the lead through Petersen. Long ball from Schlotterbeck, Schade shoots at goal from 20 meters. Riemann is able to defuse the ball, but Petersen sinks the rebound.

56′ Good cross from Holtmann from the left side, after a great solo. Again he leaves three Freiburg players standing, before they can clear his cross with great effort.

58′ Change for VfL Bochum. Löwen comes in for Osterhage.

64′ TOOOOOOOOR! Equaliser! Bella Kotchap to Rexbecaj, who has a lot of space in front of him after a great turn. Pinpoint cross to the head of Polter. He nods the ball into the goal in classic Polter style!

69′ Counterattack chance for VfL. Löwen drives the ball and sends Asano. The pass is a bit too long.

71′ Change for the guests. Grifo, Petersen and Jeong leave the game. Demirovic, Sallai and Höler enter the pitch.

76′ Next goal approach VfL. Holtmann crosses the ball from the right half of the field. Asano gets his head to it, but can’t put the ball in the box.

81′ Change for the visitors. Weißhaupt for Schade.

83′ Double change for VfL. Pantovic and Soares come in for Asano and Stafylidis.

86′ Good opportunity for the guests. Weißhaupt is beaten by Gamboa on the left side and passes to Demirovic. Demirovic takes a shot from 11 meters out. Too central, Riemann has the ball.

88′ SC again. The ball comes to Sallai on the right. From 16 meters, he does not hit the ball correctly. No great danger.

90′ Three minutes are played.

90+1′ Chance for Freiburg. Weißhaupt tries his luck with his strong left foot. The ball goes well over the goal.

90+2′ Another chance for VfL. Pantovic runs towards Flekken’s box. The ball then goes against the arm of Kübler, then also Schlotterbeck. But both times without intention, so the referee and video assistant do not intervene.

End of regular playing time: It goes into extra-time. After 90 minutes, no winner could be determined.

91′ Another change for the Blue Whites. Holtmann leaves the pitch, Antwi-Adjei comes on for him.

97′ Corner VfL. What an opportunity. Pantovic’s short corner finds Löwen, who brings the ball dangerously into the five-yard box. Flekken, however, is just able to fend it off.

101′ Huge chance for VfL. Pantovic, as so often today, brings the ball dangerously into the penalty area via the left side. Polter has his foot on it, but the ball does not land in the goal.

103′ Polter crosses the bar. But only a short excitement. Earlier, the flag went up.

Break extra time:

105′ The ball is rolling again. SC kick off for the second half of extra time.

115′ Free kick from Löwen, this finds the head of Losilla. But the ball goes well over the goal.

116′ Yellow card SC Freiburg. Kübler fouls Antwi-Adjei in full flow and deservedly sees the warning.

119′ The last minute of extra time begins.

120′ GOAL. Unbelievable, could it be more bitter!? Leitsch wants to play a ball back to Riemann. He comes up short, Sallai is in between, runs towards the box and scores. Freiburg takes the lead in literally the very last second.

121′ The whistle is blown again. But the visitors keep the ball away from their own goal.

Full-time: That is tough! We are eliminated from the DFB-Pokal. Great fight, everything given. In the end, this one action decides. But no reproach to Leitschi. That happens from time to time. The three-game week anne Castroper ends with an important Bundesliga match when SpVgg Greuther Fürth comes to the Vonovia Ruhrstadion (Saturday, March 5, 3:30pm (CET).

Out in the last second

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