Interviews: “Passion and intensity”


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Thomas Reis (head coach VfL Bochum 1848): Steffen Baumgart said he was satisfied with the point. I’m a little dissatisfied with the point because we left a few good chances begging in the second half. In terms of how the game went, of course we have to, and can, live with the point. We were shocked by the two goals we conceded before the break. But we came out of half-time well and the team did a good job. We would have liked to have the three points, but I think it was a very, very interesting game.

Steffen Baumgart (head coach 1. FC Köln): We are happy with the point. After falling behind, we came back well and turned the game around before the break. Then in the second half, we didn’t manage to score the third goal. So, we ran the risk of conceding the equaliser – and that’s what we got. It was a very, very intense game from both sides. We played to win, but we’re happy to take the point.

Anthony Losilla: We started the game relatively well and created a lot of chances straight away. Then we also took the lead. The goal we conceded after the corner was unfortunate and conceding the second just before the break hurt. Before that, we had allowed little. But we discussed that we could turn the game around again with our energy. With a little more luck, we could have made it 3-2, but we can live with the point.

Eduard Löwen: We had to invest a lot and conceded two goals more or less out of nothing. Cologne didn’t have many scoring chances. We came back well with our second goal, but I think there was more in it today and we could have won the game. We played aggressively and gave everything.

Gerrit Holtmann: We played a really good game and were behind due to our own mistakes. It wasn’t enough to win the big game, but we’re happy to take the point. You can see our development, that’s the most important thing. Two teams played against each other that live on passion and intensity. We have to bring that to the pitch in every game.

Takuma Asano: It was a very important game for us. We wanted to win, but we still like to take the point. I’m very proud to have scored my first Bundesliga goal for VfL. We still have to work on our efficiency. We created a lot of chances, but we have to take more.

Jürgen Locadia: We’re happy about the point, but we could have won the game. Especially in the first half, we created many scoring chances and should have scored more. We must continue to work as hard as we did today and remain defensively stable to achieve our goal. I feel very comfortable at VfL and hope that I can score my first Bundesliga goal for Bochum soon.


Interviews: “Passion and intensity”

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