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The cup is history. Now the focus solely lies on keeping the league. On Saturday afternoon, VfL have the chance to secure three more important points in order to reach the big aim. SpVgg Greuther Fürth will be guests at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. In the run-up to the crucial match, head coach Thomas Reis answered the journalists’ question at the press conference

Thomas Reis on… 

… the personnel situation: Besides Simon Zoller, also Jürgen Locadia and Robert Tesche will be missing the match. All the other players are available.

… the cup exit and Maxim Leitsch: I still praised the team despite the defeat. Leitschie made the crucial mistake, but unfortunately that’s the tough part in the life as a defender. But he can’t be blamed at all, he’s playing a magnificent season so far. Once again, the team has shown their true character. The loss in the cup won’t knock us down. Everyone is standing together; you could see that after the game. Everyone was with Leitschi, consoling him. He will grow from this.

… SpVgg Greuther Fürth: They will be a tough nu to crack. Fürth, for example, recently demanded everything from Bayern. Given our position in the standings, we’re the favorites, but we have to be careful. They have clear match plan and we’ll have to be wide awake. No one her thinks, that it will be a pleasure cruise and three easy points just because they are behind us in the table.

… the balance between offense and defense: Defensively, we became much more stable and we want build up on this. On the other side, at the same time we’re of course working on our attacking abilities.

… a possible sense of entitlement: Probably, the sense of entitlement around the club has increased somewhat. And we have to blame ourselves for this, as we’ve shown a number of great performances. But we’ll proceed with all seriousness that is needed and will continue to look from game to game and therefor will concentrate only on these three points tomorrow.


Continue Seriously

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